The selection of the 2018 world Cup: the Kosovars want to go home


When the football Federation of Kosovo 13 may 2016 at the FIFA Congress became a full member of the global structure (which received the right to participate in the qualification for the 2018 world Cup), the enthusiasm of the Kosovars was not the limit. They then, quite calmly reacted to the fact that UEFA because of the unavailability of infrastructure, not just banned games under its auspices in Kosovo, but in General did not allow the clubs of this country to Europe.

9 Jun 2016 FIFA had to decide which group the selection of the 2018 world Cup to determine the Kosovars, and in what – Gibraltar, then became a member of the global football family (a member of UEFA it was before).

Unlucky Ukraine, because the choice special was not. Kosovo was diluted with Bosnia, and two groups in which there were empty seats, this new guy came to our group .. Gibraltar Bosnia are no inconsistencies (this is not Spain, which the inhabitants of the British Outpost in the Pyrenees have been bred for a selection of Euro-2016), and he went to group N. Why unlucky Ukraine? Yes, because of all of the participants in group I, only we do not have diplomatic relations with Kosovo.

For this reason, Ukraine’s national team home match against team Kosovo held in Krakow. In our country do not let people with passports of Kosovo (of course that all the players of the national team of Kosovo there are other passport – at least Albanian, and even in the Russian “Anji” played by its members), but also because there are players and staff…

The Kosovars are willing to let the Ukrainians and representatives of other team sports in Kosovo have traveled. First part in club competitions, then the collections. In September of last year the Ukrainian basketball team still easily beat the Kosovars in Mitrovica, a city located near the Serbian and de facto divided into two parts – the Kosovo and Serbian.

The Kosovars, pleased by the fact that they were allowed to apply for the selection of the 2018 world Cup, initially reacted calmly to the fact that you have to play at home, and in the Albanian Shkodra at the stadium “loro Borici” – the birthplace of the club “Vllaznia”. To the border of the neighborhood, and the local Albanians, too, support not weak!

Now, settle in Europe, included in the taste of the recruits want to invite our football team, match where on 6 October will be for them in this qualification, the selection of the last home, to his country. Not in Pristina, in Mitrovica, although there is, understandably, unsettling. In Pristina stadium rekonstruiruet, arena in Mitrovica ADEM jashari, with a capacity of 18 200 spectators, where in the old days, even the national team of Yugoslavia once played ready. Visited there in early March, representatives of the League appreciated what he saw generally positive and provided the Kosovo side recommendations on bringing the stadium to mind. In the case of eliminating a few flaws, seems to be willing to give permission for the holding of international matches.

Authorities guiding European and world football, while verdict not in a hurry. Perhaps some negotiations are conducted on the sidelines. View, whose lobby will be influential.

Meanwhile, Turkish company Akay Construction INC has already offered football Federation of Kosovo to build a 25-thousand beautiful stadium, which, according to designers, is one of the ten best arenas in the world about the same capacity. Prices and terms are impressive: 50 million euros 18 months. Know the country that these figures would not exactly suit – not the magnitude, not interested. But the Kosovars, I think, peck.

Eugene BELOZEROV, Sport-Express in Ukraine

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