The selection of the 2018 world Cup: the Balance of groups


Directly on the 2018 world Cup are the winners of the nine groups, and four tickets to the tournament will compete in the play-offs runners-up teams, except the worst of them.

Group A

Vice-Champions of Europe did at the start, a goalless draw in Barysaw – and more failures are currently not allowed. It seemed that the main rival of France, despite the omission of Euro-2016 will be Holland, and not parted with Ibrahimovic Sweden, but Saturday’s setback in Sofia (0:2) threatens to become fatal not only for after it is sent in the resignation of Danny blind, but for the tournament the fate of “orange” as a whole. For second place to catch would be good in the second round of the Dutch host and Sweden and Bulgaria, who suddenly returned from the tournament of nothingness.

Unfortunately for the Dutch at the stadium “Vasil Levski” has broken the 27-year-old striker Deleva, in 13 matches for the national team heads does not scored, and then broke twice. Scoring two early goals, the Bulgarians in the future, the inspiration very confidently defended, although previously passed four times, then three.

And in the fight for first place will determine a lot of the match on 9 June Sweden – France.


Here is a great chance that everything will be decided in the match between Portugal and Switzerland, a kind of finale which will take place in the final round on October 10. The question is, what indicators will come to it competitors. The European Champions, among other things, whether they be to this point behind, say, one point or three points, as it is now. Importantly, not more.

Recall that in case of equality of points, the decisive criterion is the difference of scored and missed goals, and the Portuguese are much better: 19:3 10:3.

Incidentally, only Switzerland and Germany still scored one hundred percent points. Although the team of the Alpine Republic even outsiders pass with difficulty (2:1 in Andorra, 1:0 now in Geneva against Latvia). With Hungary in her second round, unlike the Portuguese, to play at home.


The winner is clear: this is Germany. After Sunday’s defeat in Belfast fell off Norway. Apparently, the second place will compete for Northern Ireland and the Czech Republic. The position of the British team is more promising because at the start she made a goalless draw with a direct competitor on the road.

Group D

Dublin goalless draw on Friday is not pleased with the Welsh. After all, they’ve had four. And the Serbian team Slavoljub Muslin and help him Sergei Gurenko, meanwhile, achieved victory in Georgia – 3:1.

To make a prediction for this hard group with three participants of Euro-2016 hard. Only it the leader in the asset is less than 13 points. Three teams have no defeat, Austria’s two of them, that did not prevent to catch up on points Wales.

But sometimes I have to pull the string and intricate puzzles looming decision. It might be a lot clearer in June, when the Serbs accept the Welsh, and the Irish – Austrians. They win the hosts – and the gap between the leaders will turn from significant to enormous.

Group E

Goal Pischeka at the end of the Sunday meeting in Podgorica confirmed the comfortable position of Poland. Six points advantage over the second team is even more than the Germans in the group!

The Danes, not embodied in goal a big advantage in the match against Romania (0:0), bite elbows. The fight for second place unexpectedly joined Armenia, the prospects of which have already put a cross. Spun is interesting. One “but”: the spiders in a jar, eating each other, to lead the case that the command from this group may be the worst result among the runners. Today it is so.

Group F

After Germany conceded a goal in Baku, England remains the only team, the gate of which remain “dry”. Without hitting the raids, she quietly moves to the place in the world championship-2018. Moreover, the competitors stumble. Slovenia, now, don’t wait in Glasgow.

Group G

In this group the final marked even more clearly than in group B. Spain and Italy are correspondence dispute in which the initiative belongs to the team from the Iberian Peninsula. First, she has a much better goal difference: 19:2, 13:4, second, 2 September it takes a competitor in its field.

Group H

Three teams are on three first places, not allowed himself not a single misfire in the meetings with the three outsiders. Everything is solved in their mini-tournament. Playing in his trademark defensive style, Greece almost took three points from Brussels. But a draw is good for Greece the result of that was said before the game.

Potentially Belgium, of course, stronger than his pursuers, and position it better. Moreover, in case of equality of points will affect her prodigious goal difference, which is now expressed by the formula 22:2. However, in the second round, “Red devils” to play away and with Greece, and Bosnia, which, in turn, both competitors takes. Greeks – already on 9 June.

Group I

Having won in Zagreb the team of Andriy Shevchenko, the Croats took an important step toward the 2018 world Cup. But yet on the horizon they are not rosy. Makes itself felt the North wind. On June 11, will travel to Reykjavik. After it becomes clear that to fight the Vikings from Iceland. Meanwhile, the applicants of permits pulled Turkey, just as it did in other groups seems to have cut off Bulgaria, Armenia, Scotland.

Alexander PROSVETOV, Sport-Express

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