The selection of the 2018 world Cup: Spain, Italy and other “early finals”

Thursday. Prague. Joachim Loew conducts a team training session Germany. Photo: Reuters

Now in the qualifying tournament that day, that the decisive match. And sometimes more than one.

In the coming days, several teams can reach the final tournament of the world championship.

Nine European qualifying groups based on their usual standings, can be divided into three of the same cluster. The first “combines” of the group, which single-handedly lead and possibly ahead of time will make out his admission to the 2018 world Cup the notorious minions, and the fight is for getting into the joints.

The following cluster is a direct ticket to the final phase disputed two, and the other can only do mischief – to take points in favor of a competitor. The most intriguing – the third cluster: these six things came up and intertwined that the situation at any moment can turn on the head and then back.

First, the second, where the success formula most simple. The main event of the weekend will take place in group G: Spain – Italy. The win virtually guarantees his victory in the tournament, a draw will allow us to revel in the correspondence the struggle of the two giants until the last day. Not without pleasure to note here is that such “early finals” we expect now almost every qualifying night.

In the group in Switzerland and Portugal will probably make two simultaneous step to the first place, to fight for which they will have with each other in the final round. In group D Serbia and Ireland, after warming up on the outsiders, will compete on September 5 and it is possible to determine the leader of the pack. As for therapeusis here under the first and second rooms of Wales, stamp draw, and Austria, the direct competition they have not won even once. Some of them, or both together, will break away from tournament competition after Saturday’s meeting in Cardiff, because the already incurred losses will not be able to compete not for the first place in their group, nor for access to the interface with the second places of the other sixes.

One thing is for sure: despite the abundance of key meetings, the seventh round will not name any names of the finalists. But starting September 4, every game day with the big share of probability can become in this view, decisive. Monday spots in the final tournament of the 2018 world Cup could benefit Germany in the group and Poland in group E. But the Germans, like Belgium, no surprise can’t handle. It is that first, Germany needs to beat out the Czech Republic and to deprive her last chance for 2nd place (this is not a sensation), and then the Czechs without motivation and mood have to go to the bones and not to lose in Belfast (that’s where the surprise). If there is another, more likely scenario, the world Champions will have to address the issue of October 5, when they will perform in Northern Ireland. The poles, who points at the start of the qualifying tournament in Kazakhstan, in the case of two successive victories at Copenhagen and at home on the same Kazakhstan, will not receive a ticket ahead of time only if Montenegro beat Kazakhstan (which is her strength) and Romania, which still has not lost chances to get into the play-off round. However, here the second place is “impassable” due to the worst performance compared with other groups.

Sunday’s game Greece – Belgium in group H will mark for itself as a crucial. Because if it is the victory of the Greeks, the shadow minions they will have, and the undeniable Belgians have blood from his nose win in the hot, in spite of October, and inhospitable to strangers, the players of Sarajevo.

In group A genuine confusion. Holland, armed with the services of dick Advocaat, trying to catch the Swedes and the French, but on Thursday it all may fail, if the visit to Paris will result in another failure, which collect orange second qualifying cycle in a row. Equally important is the match Bulgaria – Sweden, which, if we admit that the Dutch will still run and you won’t lose France, in case of victory of the Bulgarians will glow tournament situation to the limit.

Fans of the England team will prove that she has a strong lead in the group F opponents that his pursuers she went very close, and the Slovaks if they make the effort have a chance to go out on the evening of 4 September to the 1st place, and Slovenes, in turn, maximally to approach him. In any case, all will be decided at Wembley, the only question is when: on Monday, when there will be the Slovaks, or in a month when there was coming Slovenes?

Eugene ZARANKIN, Sport-Express

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