The selection of the 2018 world Cup: pan is gone

Monday. Kiev. NSK “Olympic”. Ukraine – Croatia – 0:2. Ivan RAKITIC and domagoj VIDA stop Yevhen KONOPLYANKA. Photo of Paul KUBANOVA, “SE”

Having stood against Croatia in the match of the category of “sink or swim” half of the half, the Ukrainian team missed two goals in the gate, and rival in the playoffs

Ukraine – Croatia – 0:2 (0:0)

Goals: Kramaric, 62 (0:1). Kramaric, 70 (0:2).

Ukraine: Pyatov, Matvienko, Rakitskiy And Khacheridi, Karavaev, Stepanenko, Rotan (Sidorchuk, 69), Garmash (Kovalenko, 66), Linnet, Marlos (Besedin, 78), Yarmolenko.

Croatia: Subašić, Vrsaljko (Pivaric, 86), Lovren, Mitrovic, Vida, Rakitic, Badelj, Kramaric (Pasalic, 88), Modric, Perisic, Mandzukic (Horn, 90).

Punishment: Stepanenko, 60. Rotan, 64 (warnings).

Judges: Brych, Borsh, Luppos (all Germany).

9 Oct. Kiev. NSK “Olympic”.


with NSK “Olympic”

The national team of Ukraine brought from Shkodër not only points, without which yesterday’s match would not have a tournament value, but the pouring autumn rain. Powerful shower, almost peredvinuvshis meeting with Kosovo on Saturday and did not break the already too fragile (this is speaking of a tight schedule) plan of preparation for the decisive game against Croatia. But if rainfall is dealt with sin in half Albanian and drainage, turf “Olympic” has absorbed moisture over the Sunday and Monday morning, not even choking.


Not washed away before the rain and the smiles on the faces of our players at practice, they came out in excellent mood, joked with each other and with the coaching staff. It is clear that for open to reporters a quarter of an hour lesson this observation was not unique, but eloquent – though rivals, and smiled, feeling an hour later, the field of the forthcoming battle, but somehow strained. Fun radiated, perhaps, only their new coach Zlatko Dalic, that, you, too, speaks volumes.

Dalits locked upon arrival in Kiev in his hotel room and took up the study of our team. He later claimed that it did not resort to the advice of well-know Ukrainian football Vukojevic, Darijo Srna and even domagoj Vida, but suspended the defender of “Shakhtar” looked on Sunday in hotel “Opera” not because it is based the field headquarters of his club. Marlos in a TV interview even called Srna in Croatian spy in jest, which, however, looked far from the truth.


The lineup of guests has been accurately predicted by colleagues from the Croatian newspaper Jutarnji List. Dalits settled on 4-2-3-1 formation, was forced to adjust the position of individual performers. Domagoj Vida, for example, has played in Central defence, which came Matej Mitrovic and Dejan Lovren, and to the right. Left direct competitor Sime vrsaljko pushed to the reserve Dynamo of the Russian Pilarica, who did Ante Čačić.

In the holding area Dalic put two Milan Badelj defensive and Ivan Rakitic from attacking. Crowned with a triangle of Central Midfielders right behind accustomed to act in Juventus on the wing, Mario Mandzukic universal Luka Modric. Wings of the attack were Croatian Ivan Perisic and Andrew Kramaric.


Was predictable for most items and our structure – perhaps with the exception of the line of attack. Left halfback Yevhen Konoplyanka, but who is right – Marlos or all of Andriy Yarmolenko? And who is on the cutting edge – Yarmolenko or does Denys Harmash? Start Protocol, brought in the press centre for three quarters of an hour before the starting whistle, convinced that the forward will move the Dynamo, but in reality everything was much more difficult.

The team sang the hymns (even sung Marlos, and only Yaroslav Rakitskiy habitually silent), the referee gave the signal to start, and it turned out that actually we play the decisive match in which a draw will not suit either one of the sides, two forwards. In the initial arrangement (as Valery Lobanovsky thirty years ago it was said that it matters only the first few seconds) tip was Yarmolenko and Garmash, as in the matches for the Dynamo looked a concealed striker, but with the development of events both were ahead on the same line.


But before our players crossed the middle of the field, the Croats started to put pressure on their opponent’s territory. All the result – two corners, not really brought the spice. While the owners got a chance to aggravate the situation at the first attack: though not tall Alexander Karavaev, the areal challenge following a long pass from Rakitskiy he won Garmash, who was thrown the ball, the duel is lost.

Exhaling in relief of cold air after blow perišić with a penalty corner flew just wide of the goal, almost filled to the eyeballs (empty two guest sector of four) “Olympic” groaned in unison. Leaving mind out of business, Linnet with no visible interference threw the ball into the penalty area, the Croats fought, but Marlos firing a shot at made from free-kick the ball. Not Raspletina on the lawn defender – Daniela Subasio it would be difficult to eliminate the threat.


After a quarter of an hour, though still released the ball after a cannon volley Rakitskiy from thirty metres – the ball rolled just wide. A little later struck the crossbar Ruslan rotan, not shot by Taras Stepanenko. Well, the apogee of the attacks of the Ukrainian team in the first half was a shot Linnet’s head from outside the box after submitting Yarmolenko – the ball passed in centimetres from a rack. Midfielder “Schalke” some time at a loss sitting on the lawn is to understand the blunder with a few steps was difficult for him.

Meanwhile it became known that the Icelanders before the break, scored the Kosovars, more confirmed for the match Ukraine – Croatia the role of the match for an exit in the playoffs. It is logical that in the second half, opponents, and especially the guests who came out with more desire. And now the transfer of the Perisic Mandzukic breaks Rakytskyy and Andriy Pyatov, though not the first attempt takes possession of the ball in the stockade feet their own and other players after a corner.


Subašić gets to the ball before Garmash, otlichajushegosja on the cross from Yarmolenko, but Pyatov takes the ball just to the feet of Mandzukic. Somewhere between these points is your yellow card for an unnecessary foul in the middle of the field on Badelj gets Stepanenko. “Now miss the first match of the playoffs,” sweeping through the podium to the press. “If it is” another reporter’s flank came the sarcastic remark.

Almost immediately, the Croats put our ticket into question not in word but in deed – and even twice within eight minutes. Modric twice in one episode he gave the penalty: in the first case, the ball managed to knock Rakytskyy, but in the second – Kramaric response to canopy, nodded his head, it seemed, at random. Pyatov dived in the corner for a moment later than necessary.

And then the goalkeeper failed defenders: Rakitic with a cross compartment our entire defense, and not covered by anyone, Kramaric, not believing his luck, he headed in a cross at the far post. Being in the arms of the first partners in the field, and then runaway to the sideline, spare and head coach.


Between goals Andriy Shevchenko made two changes with an eye on attack: Garmash gave way to Viktor Kovalenko, and rotan – Serhiy Sydorchuk. When the score became 0:2, left the field and Marlos: net forward Artem Besedin, and in principle a fresh player in attack, was in this situation more useful.

Dalits began to make substitutions towards the end, when I had a little more time. On the left side appeared, and even got its share of subdued applause, Pivaric. And the scorer of Kramerica guest sector carried from the field with a standing ovation. To celebrate reaching the play-offs, the Croatian public began even earlier, running in the direction of the nearest corner flag two burning fire. Our fans answered a couple of volleys, put a point in exchanging pleasantries.


Yarmolenko missed the ball after a hidden transfer of Konoplyanka, a long-range Rakitskiy proved to be too inaccurate. That’s basically all our chances in the second half. The Croats in the end did not create anything at all…


Sport-Express in Ukraine

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