The selection of the 2018 world Cup: “Operation to Rescue Argentina”

March 23. Buenos Aires. Argentina – Chile – 1:0. Lionel MESSI. Photo: Reuters

Once on the brink of failure in the qualifying tournament for the 2018 world Cup, Argentina is trying to reduce the period of Ineligibility of Lionel Messi.

We will remind, the other day two-time world Champions were sent down by the FIFA decision. The leader of the Argentina national team Lionel Messi is suspended for four matches of the qualifying tournament. Of the five remaining.

Given the statistics command in the current cycle, it was clear that this was a serious blow to the prospects for Argentines to go to the world championship in Russia participants and not tourists.

Indeed, in 7 of the 13 meetings, the forward of “Barcelona” is not played. And without it, the partners managed to win only once! Four times played in a draw, twice lost. For comparison: in 6 matches, when Leo was on the field, the Argentines just once, scored three points.

FIFA announced its decision on Tuesday. On the day of the 14th round. Therefore, Messi learned his disqualification already in the highlands of Bolivia from the podium and watched as his crew gasped again defeated.

Now Argentina is on the edge 5th place, which gives right to play in the joints with the representative of Oceania. But ahead of the guest match against Uruguay. And then home games with Venezuela and Peru, in which Messi will not help either.

Will not help if you fail to knock off the sentence. FIFA issued a harsh verdict for insulting a player assistant referee of the match Argentina – Chile. Which, paradoxically, the owners won, and the only goal was scored… Messi.

Moreover, members of the officiating team from Brazil said later that there were no insults heard. And the main evidence was published in the media a video that shows that Leo is pointing at the referee the finger. And lips, you can read the curse mentioning somebody’s mother.

Yesterday Messi was sent to FIFA a letter in which he apologized. He added, however, that person did not pass.

– Deny charges of insulting the assistant referee! Moreover, we even spoke in a friendly tone. And curses I uttered, but in the air. For that, of course, sorry, wrote Messi.

The President of the Association of football of Argentina Claudio Tapia stressed that in the near future the organization would appeal and attract the most strong lawyers.

Even Barcelona has published on its official website a statement, which notes that “Messi always behaved exemplary on the field and beyond”.

Spoke in support of Messi and the legendary Diego Maradona:

– Messi is a great guy. I’ll talk to the President of FIFA, Gianni Infantino, because four matches of disqualification is too much!

Interestingly, you will listen to FIFA explanatory Messi and numerous calls to forgive the little Argentine genius? Or show integrity? Really for a few swear phrases thrown in the air, you need to pay the price?!

Philip PAPENKOV, Sport-Express

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