The selection of the 2018 world Cup: One left, another right – two gay Turk

In attack, HAKAN ÇALHANOĞLU. Photo: Reuters

Explorer “SE” tells about the two most dangerous players of the national team of Turkey, capable of breaking any opponent, deciding the outcome of the episode alone.

They are young, ambitious and, like Andriy Yarmolenko, are on the rise after the transition to the new clubs. Hakan Çalhanoğlu and Emre Mor decent to Tinker the national team of Ukraine in last year’s match, and is quite able to repeat his “performance” on Saturday.

I will present them in order.

Hakan ÇALHANOĞLU (Milan, Italy)

Age: 23 years.

Role: left midfielder, Central midfielder, behind the striker.

Transfer value (version 20 million euros.

Milestones biography: a native of Mannheim dual citizenship – he was born in Germany, in a family of Turkish immigrants. In the 2012/13 season, as a player, “Karlsruhe”, was voted the best player of the season in the third Bundesliga. 2 Feb 2017 Çalhanoğlu got delayed punishment from FIFA, diskvalaficirovan player until the end of the season because six years ago (!), speaking for the “Karlsruhe” he has agreed a contract with Trabzonspor, but then moved to Hamburg. 3 July 2017 Hakan has signed a contract with “Milan”: the amount of the transfer amounted to 20 million euros. 5 there are different kinds of bonuses.

Playing characteristics: the main weapon Çalhanoğlu – a heavy blow from any distance. When he’s on the field, within a radius of 15 meters from the penalty area it is better not to foul: any blow to the “standard” in the performance of Hakan is very dangerous. Bayer Çalhanoğlu taught great work without the ball in good physical shape, it performs a huge amount of work. Hard to call it a born playmaker: as for “fantasist” Calanog lacks the finesse and imagination. But he is not the artist or the Creator, 23-year-old station wagon has a lot of advantages: it is a very effective and athletic midfielder who does everything right. In Germany Turk more used to the left with the option of offset in the center under a terrible blow with a working right leg.

Crossing our: after your transfer to the center of the field ex-mentor Leverkusen’s Roger Schmidt, in fact, became competitors Vladlen Yurchenko. Now, when Calhanoglu in the team anymore, the Manager “pharmacists” Jonas Boldt finds the players a lot in common: “Hakan and Vladlen very similar in their characteristics: good technique, ability to perform the standards, good vision of the field…”.

What to do in the first match against Ukraineleft to left midfielder, but during the match is constantly shifting to the center. As the whole team lost in the first half hour, having to remind myself before the half-time whistle: blow Çalhanoğlu’s free-kick crazy hand caught Pyatov by surprise. Hit the ball on target, and Keeper our team already, most likely, would not have helped. A 45 – minute corner kick in the performance Çalhanoğlu found on the near corner of the goalie Tufan, whose strike gave the hosts “goal in the locker room.”

Another blow, but only with the games he played already in the middle of the second half, this time Pyatov took the ball tightly. However, it is the third midfielder’s shot Bayer saved the hosts from defeat. The referee awarded a penalty after a foul on Stepanenko Misses, and Çalhanoğlu not taking a blow from the rod equalized. Before that superpac Çalhanoğlu brought one-on-one with Pyatov Tusuna, whose shot shook the crossbar. Hakan was a fourth shock attempt: at 94 minutes, the Turks again got right to the “standard”, and again Pyatov made a save after a good shot of the halfback “pharmacists”.

Emre MOR (Celta, Spain)

Age: 20 years.

Role: left or right winger, striker.

Transfer value (version 5 million euros.

Milestones biography: as Çalhanoğlu, in the locker at Mora are two passports – Turkish and Danish: he was born in the suburbs of Copenhagen, Branche. Early in his career the guy was actively campaigning for the Danish teams, but in 2016 accepted the offer from the Federation of their historic homeland. In 2015 More actively interested in the Manchester United, Ajax, Galatasaray and Borussia Dortmund, but he suddenly chose… “Narellan”. However, the German club have been consistent, posted almost 10 million euros, and after six years, Moore wore a black-and-yellow uniform “bees”. In his first match for Borussia Dortmund youngster was replaced by Ousmane dembélé and immediately scored “Darmstadt”. However, this ball was his last in Dortmund. A year later, a few days ago, Mora signed a “Celta”. They say only 5 million.

Game features: Mor – completely unique dribbler, which is dangerous to leave that one to one, but even one against two or three opponents. Emre desire takes the initiative: he is coordinated, quick winger with a well-delivered blow. Coaches, who use the best quality young player, trying to create the maximum number of moments when partners away someone from Mora counterparts in the centre to solve the situation alone. Emre is very dangerous and at the point of attack, where the team brings great benefit.

Crossing our: occurrence Yarmolenko in Dortmund and handed him the 9th room heralded the departure of Mora. The main issue, but when Peter BOS was the fact that he was too overexposed ball in positional attack. View, evaluate whether Mora coach of “salty” Juan Carlos Unzue.

What did in the first match with Ukraine: Moore, like Yarmolenko, Konoplyanka and Calanog, a typical inverted winger. His strong leg and flank are not the same, so he could shift to the right of the center and attack with the left leg. After a horrible start of the game woke up first and began to terrorize Eduard Sobol and the company at the end of the first half. First, it is the “handkerchief” beat three Ukrainians in the penalty area, but fell after a collision with a Sable: referee Manuel Graefe responded philosophically. Two minutes later, Moore again set off in slalom, and again Graefe had to restrain their impulses after a frantic tackle by Taras Stepanenko. Finally, it is Mor earned in the 45th minute corner, after which the Turks gained one ball.

After the break, and adjustments of the staff, guests attention to Mora doubled, and he began to shift to the center and play in imitation. In the 87th minute started to butt heads with Roman Zozulya and got the yellow. However, in injury time Emre has revealed another facet of his talent: his Curling shot from a free kick looked even more dangerous than similar attempts Calanog.

Mykhaylo SPIVAKOVSKYY, Sport Express in Ukraine

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