The selection of the 2018 world Cup: Not surprised

Monday. Kiev. NSK “Olympic”. Ukraine – Croatia – 0:2. Denys HARMASH. Photo:

“SE” in Ukraine” gathered post-match statements of participants in the match – happy Croats and Ukrainians disillusioned

Only a few players of our team have the guts to approach clogged the first time in several years, almost to overflowing the stands of the “Olympic” after the end of the match and to thank the audience. It is a match played with exceeding expectations…

– We so were not mistaken, – Yevhen Konoplyanka and after the game immediately shook off the burden of emotion, and before my eyes was lost before the break a real chance. – Seems to be performed well in the first half, I believed that I would win… I Played solid, but then if Croats gained, whether we sat down. Maybe the enemies just get angry for a bad first half.

It will be necessary to view the match again, but better – talk to the guys, to look into each other’s eyes, to explain what’s wrong, that someone did not like. We really missed a striker on the field – for example, Kravets, who clung to the ball ahead of you. From Yarmolenko there wasn’t very good – he admits it.


– We had a plan – not to give space to the Croatian Central midfielder – who played not on his position Andriy Yarmolenkodidn’t seem just explained to us the reasons for the failure – he tried in the course to understand them. The middle line of Croatia – the strongest link. Rakitic, Modric… You may have noticed that we Garmash played against them personally. In the second half, unfinished: Modric received the ball, saturations face to our goal, and like the hand gave the ball to the head Kramaric.

– In this game it was important to show character, shined after the match Luka Modric. – We did more, leaving on the field their hearts, but not allowing to take the top emotions. Realized the chances in the second half almost completely, but the opponent risk of our goal is almost not represented.

A new coach helped us to unleash your potential at one hundred percent. We bring this tournament to an earlier stage may not have had a part to decide their fate in the final qualifying game, and to postpone the question of entering the world championship to the play-offs.


– Most importantly, that we had no hint of panic – happy Andrew Kramaric, who scored once changed places with the deceased on the flank Mario Mandukic. – Don’t miss your chance, we in Finland would not be in Kiev, even cause for much emotion. However, play managed wisely with a cool head, not rushing forward without looking back.

It was clear that the opponents try to score a quick goal, after all, playing at home with such a great number of the public. Patiently waited for their chances and it came! Fortune has rewarded us for our attitude to this game.

– The team was difficult, to put it mildly,the psychological state after an unsuccessful match with Finland, was confirmed by the words of the ward the new Croatian national team coach Zlatko Dalic. -Had to spend a lot of time communicating with players,besedoval each of them. And итогеоказалсядоволенобщимнастроем for the match, which allowed to show their best side.


– Let’s be honest: the Croatian team is significantly stronger than us, if Yarmolenko said only this sentence, we would find that he was looking for excuses. But the player continued: – We played the match very badly. The first half was, the second was virtually no moments. All the guys played below their capabilities – and words cannot Express how upset now: in his career not so many chances to play at the world Cup…

– You something has surprised the national team of Ukraine?– on the duty question Dalicho followed not answer.

– You know, the coach of the Croatians didn’t even have to think about it, we do not face almost any surprises. A few days have thoroughly studied the Ukrainian national team and she played exactly as we expected. Biocatalytically to active play on the flanks of Malosemenovsky – and could effectively resist them…


– In the first half nebelkorona interaction, Napoli break-the difference in class – summed up Andriy Shevchenkowho decided not to assess on emotions and hot on the trail throughout the qualifiers. -Almost every player of Croatia national team holds two matches per week at a high level, in the European Championships, and these performers are very well prepared physically. What to say:Ukrainian Prime ligitamate inferior to the tournaments in which they get practice.

After the break, the Croats picked up the pace, began to press higher and we have a problem. We have tradeadvisor to control the ball appeared bolshevichyek, one of which led to a goal in our gate. We need a win-so with the score 0:1 only thought about Takei to radialistas.

I think he just wasn’t strong enough, externally added coach Yarmolenko. – We made a mistake in defence and conceded a goal – then get together has been hard. And when the ball was in our gate the second time, we realized that to win will be difficult moments after the break we have had.


– Too easily missed these two goals – Taras Stepanenko did not darken, hiding behind standard phrases. – The little things play in matches with such teams a huge role. Should be supporting each other, somewhere in partners to yell to bring to life. Otherwise, from children’s mistakes never get rid of.

Should learn from rivals of the calibre of Croatia’s ability to win such matches. Today saw the need to assemble a team that wants to play in the playoffs. And we, when it comes to this level, I can not take a step forward…

– When left for the second half, prodeine nothing boded trouble, recalled playing the second match in a row in an unusual position of right-back Alexander Karavaev. – But the first time Croats obernulsya. In defense we lost the player who scored. Then was it hard to adjust. We lost concentration…

– The opponent was able very quickly to cover our players, that just gave Empreinte – briefly analyzed the situation Mykola Matvienko. -It was difficult to act modpostenmessage5 not work well to knock the ball forward to him someone caught. After the game, the main trenerskom not “shoved”. Have protopolis good luck to everyone in their clubs…


Game of life for our team proved to be one of the almost 65 million viewers game of death: it is reported that on tribunes “Olympic” during a game, doctors were unable to save the 40-year-old man. “I was told that a man died, – uttered, not without difficulty words Shevchenko started his press conference. So sorry that this happened. My deepest condolences…”

Dmitry ILCHENKO, Sport-Express in Ukraine

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