The selection of the 2018 world Cup: Messi brought Argentina’s win over Chile (VIDEO)


The Argentine national team defeated the team of Chile in the qualifying match of the 2018 world Cup with the score 1:0.

The author of the only goal was the forward of “Barcelona” Lionel Messi, who scored a goal against the Chileans with a penalty on 16 minutes.

The Argentines scored 22 points and climbed to third place in the standings.

They lag behind on one point from Uruguay and eight from Brazil, informs SE.

In parallel to the meeting of Venezuela and Peru, the winner is not revealed.

The 2018 world Cup

South America


Argentina – Chile – 1:0 (1:0)

Goal: Messi, 16 – from a penalty.

Judge: Sandra Ricky (Brazil).

Buenos Aires. Stadium “Antonio Vespucio Liberti (El Monumental)”.


Venezuela – Peru – 2:2 (2:0)

Goals: Villanueva, 24 (1:0). Otero, 40 (2:0). Carrillo, 46 (2:1). Guerrero, 64 (2:2).

Judge: Caceres (Paraguay).

Maturin. The stadium “Estadio Monumental de Maturin”.

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