The selection of the 2018 world Cup: lossless not done

Arjen Robben. Photo: Reuters

The intermediate results of the selection of the 2018 world Cup, the best players on the planet still won spots in the final tournament.


Plots the current selection of the epic were composed extremely talented playwrights. You could even say, divinely gifted. So ornate, however, not beyond the reality, they managed to braid intrigue, cleverly confuse the tournament the strongest teams and best players, in a natural manner to cultivate and cherish a thick multicolored cliffhangers and rain shed on the audience clouds junctions.

For some, it was a rain of tears, for others – champagne, but indifferent in any case left: each was able to feel a sense of ownership for successes and failures, falls and rises, each opened at least one surprise, winked, smiled and at least one fortune. And even hackneyed platitudes in these refractions of the football fates seemed fresh and interesting.

And all ended exactly as the soul asked. Most of the main characters – that is, the biggest stars of world football – celebrate the victory, though, happened among them, and loss; to do without this is impossible in principle. Almost all the advanced football squads continue a campaign for the world Cup – with a few exceptions. Wild shocks and irreparable losses was avoided.

Yeah, will be missed in the final Utrera inspired Chileans – and personally Alexis Arturo. Yes, the color scheme of the championship a little fade from a lack of orange shades, and the palette of sky blue, is not yet guaranteed. Of course, it is a pity that flying bale, Dzeko, Hamsik, Robben. But such is the lot of any big tournament is to pour through the leaky sieve of selection together with sand and debris separate the precious stones.


Until the last moment we were not plans in June Ronaldo and Messi, but for the championship it’s not just an oversight – the real trouble, imaging tear. Tried offhand, without reference, to remember, when the world Cup came the owners of the “Golden ball” as the previous few seasons. Fished out of my head one case – Argentina-78, where it is not reached neither Simonsen nor Beckenbauer or Cruyff or Blokhin. But the Dane had no more chance to get there than it is now back Gabonese Aubameyang or Mkhitaryan Armenian, and the Kaiser Franz and the flying Dutchman refused to play for the national teams.

Now the best players on the planet risked being branded as losers together with their teams, and disgraced personally as a “fail result” and confirm their galactic status. Not to mention the fact that Cristiano and Leo such a failure would be a personal tragedy, because the 2018 world Cup, with a considerable share of probability, their last chance to win the world Cup. They could say goodbye the dream early.

Thank you to the playwrights for what did not begin to summarize this part of the script Philistine “C’est La vie”, and invented for it a beautiful happy ending with a hat-trick of Messi. Doubly beautiful by the fact that no one had been in it and place the bust – scoring record Ronaldo. Even if the Portuguese has scored two goals in the net of Switzerland, ahead of Lewandowski, it would look too artificial, glamorous and “nyashno”. Simply put, matter. Without this decorative molding turned out as it should be.


The Dutch team against Chile, as they are no pity, for it was not enough. Team Chile, obviously, developed a resource has exhausted itself. For many years she didn’t leave and simply exhausted, worn out. Not coincidentally, the first match after another hot summer, she miserably lost in his field Paraguay – 0:3, and then Bolivia. The highlands? Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay and Ecuador also confronts this Bolivian scourge, but points scored. It may be recalled that a year earlier in September, the Chileans lost to the Paraguayans and lost at home with Bolivia, and in October they were defeated by Ecuador. Then draw the Bolivians turned into a technical victory, but the problem has not disappeared: this summer stay in football in Vidal, Sanchez and company have again spent big tournament. Here and ate great football to satiety, spent reservoirs of strength.

The Dutch, in my opinion, crippled, no matter how paradoxically it may sound, a great success. A sudden collapse of the Spaniards gave them an outstanding victory in the opening match of the world Cup 2014, judicial watch – a win against Mexico in the first round of the playoffs, the Costa Rican modesty – a place in the semi-finals, Brazilian prostration after 1:7 – simple-consolation finals. In fact Holland did not play then at the level of a third world, and indeed did not differ in quality from the sample of Euro 2012, where they finished last in the group. Medals froze her eyes, gave such a nice, sweet reason to be deceived in self – image and for the second qualifying round she is reaping the fruits of this self-deception Yes, disentangle sour porridge former grandeur, undermined by delayed reconstruction of the composition and command of the game. And it happened to her in 2014 to take off early and get painful, from the same Mexico or Costa Rica, you’ll see, get ready now for the finals charming and capable team, even brighter, even brighter still.


In the final round of the CONCACAF zone happened “Caribbean rising,” the results of which to the final tournament came out, the US team (but they for this it was necessary only to finish in a draw a meeting with the outsider from Trinidad), and Panama, the second after Iceland’s world Cup debut, and in the joint Australia will go to Honduras. To the Panamanians, who four years ago claimed to the last to qualify for the finals, should look at. How to know whether the increased on the other side of the world after Costa Rica another interesting and original team?

Eugene ZARANKIN, Sport-Express

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