The selection of the 2018 world Cup: joy and sorrow

Monday. Kiev. NSK “Olympic”. Ukraine – Croatia – 0:2. FC Dynamo Kyiv Denys HARMASH and domagoj VIDA. Photo of Paul KUBANOVA, “SE”

Fewer of our envoys sent in the pauses in the location of the national teams of their countries. And, of course, they come back out in a different mood.

Now say domagoj Vida of Dynamo his team-mates after the victory of Croatia over Ukraine? What to say to them? Except that over Josip pivaric a good-natured joke about it to the team and coming on as a substitute at the end of the Kiev match.

Well, Zlatko Dalic really sensibly decided against the national team of Ukraine that do not have a classic centre forward, the center will manage and Lovren with the Great and inveterate Kind, not once played in the “Dynamo” on the right and Vrsaljko on the left can adequately confront the formidable Ukrainian flanks. And more masterful Species – more formidable to the left, which was very good Yevhen Konoplyanka.

So he corrected the oversight in the game with Finland. Vrsaljko also has no trouble with Marlos, who was himself Andriy Yarmolenko not replaced, and not made to turn around.


“Dynamo” has sent defenders in five (!) teams. Mind and Pilarica – in Croatian, the KENDZERA Tomasz in Polish, tamás kádár – Hungarian, Eugene Khacheridi – in Ukrainian. You can also add to them and has already played for the first team young Vitaly, Mikolenko, cool proved himself in the Junior team who won the qualifying tournament CHE-2018 (U-19) in Albania.

Initially somehow thought that I will write: KENDZERA has not yet reached the starting line “personnel,” and Kadar, whose mistakes in the game “Dynamo” has already become a byword, “outgrown” the national team of Hungary. The forecast was justified only partially. KENDZERA really sat on the bench in both matches of the Polish national team Armenia (6:1) and Montenegro (4:2). And even when I needed to replace the main right-back Lukasz Pischeka, came not KENDZERA, Maciej Rybus.

But Kadar played for Hungary two complete games. And the first with Switzerland, even wearing the captain’s armband in the absence balázs of Dinamo Moscow. Yes, 2:5, but there are “flogged” other led by goalie Gulacsi. But in the away victory over the Faroe Islands (1:0) Kadar looked the epitome of reliability.


Not jumping from the Dynamo defense on the other teams are done with Kiev. Derlis Gonzalez had served overseas in the national team of Paraguay. Played the full 90 minutes in the winning match with Colombia, but received a card that was already the second in the current cycle, and the next game missed due to suspension. However, it is, of course, not a reason to promptly return to Kiev.

Nikita Korzun even after the departure of the team of Alexander Khatskevich and not too frequent contact with the staff of the “Dynamo” is still quoted in the Belarusian national team. A home game with Holland (1:3) he missed due to suspension. However, with France (1:2) played a half, having to earn a warning.


Go to Shakhtar. Tyson in Brazil was replaced by Fred. But the Brazilian flew home empty, after sitting in reserve in matches against Bolivia (0:0) and Chile (3:0). In the pentacampeones defensive midfielder plays a madridista Casimir (he is also the captain of the team), the Central couple are Paulinho and Augusto.

Defender David Khocholava took to the field in the 89th minute of the match Georgia – the Wales – 0:1, replacing former Ukrainian Valerian Gvilia. The next match – an away match against Serbia – ran off in the centre of defence all 90 minutes. And the result is the same: the Georgians lost 0:1.

A representative of another Donetsk club, the defender of “Olympic” Vladis-Emerson the Illa-Ajet, effective in September debuted in the national team of Congo, this time why-that remained in reserve. Perhaps it is predetermined victory of the Egyptians – 2:1. Although, of course, our “Olympian” position is opposed not to the leader of the “Pharaoh” Mohamed Salah, who scored two goals.


As usual, the envoys of the Ukrainian championship was attended by national teams of Armenia and Azerbaijan. The first was called three. All played. In the starting lineup of the home match with Poland (1:6) out from Poltava heham Kadymyan and midfielder “Became” Gor Malakyan.

The latter played the full match, Kaimana in the 62nd minute was replaced by another “steelworker” – Edgar Malakyan. The Armenians made up the campaign away draw with Kazakhstan. Edgar Malakyan was replaced in the 60th minute, and the only goal for the Armenians scored by Henrikh Mkhitaryan with the filing of Marcos Pizzelli, too little play in Ukraine.

Right defender, “Alexandria” Pavlo Pashaev played all home match of Azerbaijan against the Czechs (1:2). Gross errors are not allowed, although was not quite the usual position to the left in defense. Surprisingly, in Germany, where the Azerbaijanis lost 1:5, Robert prosinecki place Pashayev was not found.

Eugene BELOZEROV, Sport-Express in Ukraine

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