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Tuesday. Stadium “Laugardalsvellur”. Iceland – Ukraine – 2:0. In the fight for the ball Mykola MATVIENKO. Photo of Paul KUBANOVA, “SE”

All four of the applicant permits to the world Cup in our group kept presentarsi the status quo, once winning and losing at the start of autumn. But our team need certainly to win two of the October match – up with Kosovo and Croatia.

“From love to hate – three days?” asked the legendary Ukrainian goalkeeper Oleksandr Shovkovskiy in one of the social networks. Well, the emotions of the audience is understandable, but by and large, understandable and all the September results in our qualifying group.

It represents a kind of club of homebodies. At home, with passionate support from the stands, the applicants permits for the 2018 world Cup has tremendous desire, a passionate, aggressive, skilled. And on the field, when this card goes to the opponent, just the opposite.

The fact that Mircea Lucescu (with all due respect to him) will not be able to transform the Turkish national team, in General was read. His team on the whole have a good contract and a solid transfer fee, but the dazzle of a team of highly experienced Romanian to Kharkiv the game failed.


On the eve returned from Turkey. The popularity of football in the country is off the charts. Directly to Alanya, where I rested, I saw on the houses banners “Alanyaspor”, “Fenerbahce” and “Besiktas”. In conversations with local residents grasped that, as a rule, they give preference to one of the three Istanbul giants.

By the way, this picture I watched brand on each of the other Turkish resorts, and have visited a lot. But, interestingly, when less popular, but gaining momentum “Istanbul Basaksehir” worthy opponent was Sevilla in the UEFA Champions League, a good two dozen guests of Turks gathered in the lobby, warmly responding to all the gaming moments.

“We support every Turkish team in the European cups” – said in a conversation with me the guy from Ankara in the Turkish League favoring “injury”. For popular sports TV channels for days the gossip about transfers, analyze the groups of the Champions League and Europa League are paying attention and opponents of the Turkish team selection. Amused Ticker, reporting the outcome of the match of the championship of Ukraine: “Steel” (Dneprodzerzhinsk) – “Olympic” (Kirovograd) – 0:1.

The number of errors in this information maths. Decommunisation of our settlements, let’s say, Turkey is not heard. But somehow worthless football journalists confuse “Olimpik” with “Star”…


“Dynamo” (Kyiv), Shevchenko, Yarmolenko!” exclaimed the Turkish market traders, seeing my son in a Dynamo shirt. It was the day before the transfer of the captain Dynamo in Dortmund, and the Turks, the Ukrainian club was associated with these two names. Moreover, the emphasis in the names of the newly Dortmund the Turks put in their own way – on the third syllable.

It is noteworthy that in one shop there were fans of “Galatasaray”, “Fenerbahce” and “Besiktas”. Fans of “the Barn” and “Fener”, see the Dynamo emblem, together potrollit colleague out of the camp, beşiktaş, regarding the Dynamo the victory over the “Black eagles” 6:0 in the Champions League last season.

As for me, here was this enormous popularity, often prevents Turkish players to prove themselves in the team. Home, be it Istanbul, Konya or Eskisehir stadiums on the shores of the Bosphorus set up in recent years are many – they feel at ease on the road the same emotional experience a shortage of oxygen and suffocate. In our first capital, the Turks have not created any dangerous moment at gate of owners.

The Icelanders a similar pattern is observed, exacerbated by the fact that the team is now is at its historical peak. House – the universal love and support on the road (even if the support of the Icelanders in the not so distant Finland was very solid) – emotions are not the same. The Croats, too, are in this series, even though have more stars than the aforementioned teams.


Ukraine? The match against Iceland showed that we, alas, not enough human resource capacity. A couple of days difference between the two, France in qualifying for the previous world Cup was enough to radically alter our mood (when encouraging 2:0 was replaced by hopeless 0:3). Now the picture is the same. Well, not us two days!

“To tread the mysterious icy mantle” in Iceland, as dreamed of in his song “Reykjavik”, the soloist of group “Masha and bears”, we have failed.

Two matches in General, I personally liked Yevhen Konoplyanka (I think in Iceland it was the best) and Nikolay Matvienko. Yarmolenko was good in Kharkov and quite inexpressive in Reykjavik. The unequivocal anti-hero as a member of our team will call Victor Kovalenko. The highest percentage of defects (especially in the second game) as it is impossible to compensate for with desire.

You can complain about the ill health of Denys Harmash (Oh, what form he was before his ill-fated sore throat!), but do we have such a serious shortage of talented players in midfield that without Kovalenko can not do? In the next match, the Victor will not be because of two warnings. Here Willy-nilly coaching staff will have to use another staffing option.


Kovalenko is not a mediocre player (and, very importantly, loving on the pitch the dirty work), but apparently some psychological reasons prevented him to prove himself in the national team – cropping for cropping! Possible, match disqualification will even do him good. Sometimes look at the actions of their partners is helpful. And there the main thing – to draw correct conclusions.

“Apathy in Reykjavik” – evil was written by one of the fans in social networks. I wouldn’t call it apathy and dependence on the mood. And the mood often created stands: relatives – one other people – the opposite, no matter how active the away fans.

And again we return to the domestication of applicants. As the whole course of the struggle in our group, this attack has touched all eager for a trip to the world Cup. And the lack of spectators at the Kiev match against the Icelanders (at the start of the selection in the quiet of the stadium we are home beat Vikings in unrealized shortly before the final whistle 11-meter) can play a decisive role in the fate of vouchers in the global forum. It is useful still sometimes to look beyond the home page!


The question mark contained in the mentioned in early post Shovkovskiy, is quite suitable for the characteristics of the prospects of the outcome of the struggle for the victory in our group (second place may well be the worst of all the qualifying teams and to serve as a pass to the playoffs). To say that we have the status of notorious favorites or outsiders, I will not undertake…

Arshad, Sport-Express in Ukraine

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