The selection of the 2018 world Cup From Krakow to Shkoder – not being afraid of change


“SE” tells about what’s new in the national team of Kosovo since the previous meeting with Ukraine.

October 9, 2016 national team of Ukraine held in Krakow one of the strangest matches in its history.

The Polish side provided for the game with the players of the Kosovo stadium, but put a condition: no more than a thousand fans to the game. In the end, the match was held with a record low turnout at least for home games team: 999 viewers.

The match was for our team’s surprisingly heavy. “The Golden boys”, recently selected points of the Finns, scored of a rebound, but did not give Ukraine to score a second and take the win. The nominal owners demanded, and not without reason, to assign a penalty for a foul on Konoplyanka and Butko, but the score remained unchanged. And when in the 77th minute attack Kosogorov resulted in a hit in the frame, was very scary. Fortunately, the output of Karavaeva and allowed Zozulya Yarmolenko and Rotan to score two goals in the end and get a big win.

About changes in the national team return to the basis Khacheridi, the appearance Matvienko, the forced absence of Rakitskiy – we know a lot. But that this year occurred in the opponent’s camp? Recall the part of our opponents a year ago.

Kosovo: Ujkani – Packard, Pnishi, Rahmani, Perdedaj (Soleimani, 77) – Kryeziu, Fur (B. Berisha, 54) – V. Berisha, Shalya, Rashica (Zeneli, 66) – Vesel Muriqi.

The epidemic of injuries ruthless towards Kosovars: attacking midfielder Arber Zeneli, Herring Shal and Sinan Bytyqi heal the damage now and not as assistants to their clubs (respectively “Herenven”, “Lyngby” and “Manchester city”), and the national team. Also missing the player of the middle line “Nuremberg” Enis Alushi and defender of the “Lausanne” Benjamin Kololi that are involved in other qualifiers.

All this, of course, has plans of coach albert Bunjaku. He’s in the cage is Bersant Celina, a couple of years ago revered chief talent Academy Manchester city (as you can see, Alexander Zinchenko has the ability to communicate regularly with opponents in the group). Then he had injuries, game slowdown, for rent in Ipswich from the championship – but the above-mentioned problems of the national team give him a chance. Probably the Virgin forms the three in midfield with midfielder Salzburg with balcony Behrami and nose “Alfalfa” Chekurina, Kryeziu, and the wings will try to close Bernard Berisha (“Ahmad”) and Milot Rashica (“Vitesse”).

Out of the cage dropped three right defender, Panel perdeli, Central midfielder Alban Mechs and striker Valmir Soleimani. Panel in Krakow played 77 minutes at right-back and was replaced by Soleimani due to injury, Alban started the match in midfield, but early gave way on the field Bernard Berisha. By the way, it is important to understand that to increase the score we were able only after the opponent is forced to use his last substitution, replacing Wright-Bey on an offensive player and his defense appeared obvious hole. Instead Fenola on the right flank of defence Bognacki uses of Margina the Voyvoda of the Belgian “Mouscron”: until the summer of 2017, he has not played for Kosovo for a minute, and then ran off in all three games for 90.

Now about the refusal of the tactical 4-2-3-1 formation. This year’s “Golden boys” has never played at the scheme, which has been exhibited in Krakow. The next match, against the Turks, Kosovar played the 4-3-3 formation, the following two match played 4-4-2, and twinned with the Croats and Finns followed a 4-5-1. The latter model resulted in two minimal defeats, even in Zagreb the 0-0 remained until the 74th minute – that is, this scheme had a relatively successful. In principle, a Packed midfield and play on the counter a good fit for a team that is the underdog in 90% of matches.

A separate issue – progress Ardina Dallku. This can only guess, or at least not very well know in Kosovo, but we can regularly observe a defender of “Vorskla” in the case. Ardin his 22 years has made great progress. Right now the number of interceptions Dallku takes the first place in the Premier League is just an incredible record for any player from “Dynamo” and “Shakhtar”.

Dallku competes in the team with Amir Rrahmani and Alban Pnishi, representing respectively the Zagreb “Dinamo” and “grasshopper”. The level of both teams is debatable, but the fact that this season both defenders get little playing time. Probably Bognacki will give a chance to young talent.

Generally trump football Kosovo young talents, which in the Balkans are growing like mushrooms after rain. However, xherdan Shaqiri and Valon Behrami are now playing for Switzerland, Adnan Yanuzi played for the Belgium goalkeeper Etrit Berisha has delivered us from suffering to distinguish between the three namesakes and chose Albania…

From Schalke in Pristina was attended by 21-year-old Donis Avdei, who played for the Junior national teams of Germany, but this year made its debut over Kosovo. Talent the guy is definitely there for the U-17 team he scored 10 goals in 13 games, he had earned a bronze medal Fritz Walter (special award for the most talented juniors of Germany), second only to Julian Brandt and Timo Werner, already established as a star in the Bundesliga. At Schalke until he gets a little time, but their two goals in nine games scored. 18-year-old defender Lirim Kastrati still very far from the first team as Roma and is clearly taken in the future.

But the main thing that happened this year Kosovor – five defeats, three of which are dry. To start the “Golden boys” failed spectacularly: win first game under the auspices of FIFA (2:0 Faroe Islands), a draw in the first unfriendly game (1:1 with the Finns, and on the road). But further to the balkanian began to be taken seriously and it is very painful to beat. Before the 0:3 with our team from Kosovo was 0:6 with the Croats, and the total score of the last seven games similar to some of Andorra – 2:19.

Albert Bunjaku began to train Kosovo for seven years to enable the national team to FIFA and UEFA. Prior to that, he played and led a very peripheral team, worked as an assistant coach in FC “Squid” and at a certain stage in his career, in 2009-m year passed unrecognized by anyone at the time. Its role in the formation of the team is huge, but it is obvious that this coach is not ready to work with the big players. Probably in the near future Kosogorov waiting for a major update, but our team in Shkodra have to take the three points.

Vitaly PASICHNY, Sport-Express in Ukraine

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