The selection of the 2018 world Cup: Every goalkeeper a pair

Sunday. Shkodër. Kosovo – Turkey – 1:4. In the attack Mehmet TOPAL. Photo: Reuters

KOSOVO – TURKEY – 1:4 (1:2)

Goals: Volkan Şen, 7 (0:1). Rahmani, 22 (1:1). Cengiz Under, 31 (1:2). Burak Yilmaz, 61 (1:3). Ozan Tufan, 82 (1:4).

Kosovo: Ujkani (Nurkovic, 52), Aliti, Rahmani, Pnishi, Voyvoda, Alushi, V. Berisha, Zeneli (B. Berisha, 53), Kryeziu, Ohio, Audial (Rashica, 74).

Turkey: Babacan Volkan, Gökhan Gönül, Hasan Ali (Ismail, 85), Seungju Çağlar, Mehmet Topal, Selcuk Inan, Ozan Tufan, Oguzkhan Ozyakup (Yusuf Yazici, 74), Cengiz Under, Burak Yilmaz, Volkan Şen (Emre Moore, 80),.

Punishment: Burak Yilmaz, 42. B. Berisha, 66. Alushi, 90 (warnings). B. Berisha (Kosovo), 84 (removal; second warning).

Judge: Zelinka (Czech Republic).

June 11. Shkodër. The Stadium “Loro Borici”.

The hope is that the Kosovars will take points from Turkey, again not true. To fight and compete on some small interval they are certainly capable. But to withstand 90 minutes in opposition to a great team – alas…

Perhaps, try the next generation of players, whose parents did not have to escape from the war in exile because of what is now the best players, Kosovars playing for Switzerland and Albania. Not to say that Kosovo has relied on the youth team, but now it contains suitable age defender Hajduk Ardian ismaily and owned by the Manchester city winger, Twente Bersant Celina. But, for example, a competitor of our Linnets in Schalke’s Donis Avdei (Eric choupo-moting – out of competition) are involved in the first team…

The Turks held the first match without their leader Arda Turan. I did not want the midfielder to leave, but as they say, got. Everyone wondered who would get owned by yet Barcelona “ten”. But it’s probably only in Brazil or Argentina a matter of principle. Unlikely in Turkey someone intended to seriously fight for the trump room – every star has its usual. That gave Terim “top ten” young, Yusuf Yazici, debuted in the national team in this match.

The Turks scored a goal very reminiscent of our second goal in Tampere. The same flow of the defender from the left flank, which did not even try to prevent defenders, only taller, and the same game striker ahead of the curve. Distinguished Volkan Şen. Head scored and Albanians. Amir Rrahmani jumped on the ball sent from a corner of the sector, ahead of Cengiz Under, and put him under the crossbar.

And third in the match the ball also flew into the goal after hitting his head. Hosted by the Turkish feed from beat Cengiz under, the ball caught on the way back Çağlar, Seungju and flew where it should. Goal recorded on score Under, but who knows… Maybe the Turks will be asked to change. Rewrote on Ruslan rotan its legitimate goal the Kosovars that in the post-match Protocol was marked as an own goal.

Soon after the break in the national team of Kosovo was the replacement of the goalkeeper: Samir Ujkani from the Italian “Pisa” was given at the disposal of doctors has given way to Adisu Nurkovic from the Bosnian “Herbalist” – incidentally, the first player no Albanian blood in the national team of Kosovo. Adis – Bosnian, but married to a citizen of Kosovo. Here and got the opportunity to dual citizenship to acquire, and for the team to play.

Though not particularly. When Burak Yilmaz (it is, of course, be noted, as a Legionnaire from China lightning handled the ball after the transfer of Oguzkhan of Ozyakup and without hesitation struck), the goalkeeper could react better. It even seemed that he almost dodged the blow. Then there was the fourth goal, but there the Turks had just ripped the defense and left the goalie at the mercy of the Ozan Tufan.

Best difference led the Turks to third place…

Albert BONACI, head coach of Kosovo:

We’ve put together for this match all those who wanted and could now. Hoped to give battle, but in the face of Turkey was faced with a very strong team with a strong attack and a reliable defense. Plus we conceded a quick goal. Then took a chance and quickly bounced back. This ball gave us confidence, but also led to complacency, loss of concentration.

Well, this will be a good lesson no doubt, will do us the favour in the next qualifying round. Although, maybe even that, if we will play not in a welcoming Albania and at home. In the meantime, I congratulate the Turkish national team with the deserved victory.

Fatih TERIM, coach of Turkey:

– It was a very important victory, achieved in very difficult for our team period. Someone wanted to undermine the team, but failed. And it’s just not in Turan. I have the strongest play, though, of course, there will always be unhappy.

Someone, for example, believes that the gate should play Volkan Demirel. But what can be claim to Volkan Babacan? I don’t have them. Someone asks: why do we call Burak yılmaz all the way from China? But it is his beautiful goal gave the answer to this question.

Eugene BELOZEROV, Sport-Express in Ukraine

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