The selection of the 2018 world Cup: Dispersed around the world, our people

Domagoj Vida. Photo: Reuters

Not only in the first national team, Junior team, Junior and youth teams left in the final decade of March, the players of our clubs. In spite of that, the UPL is still interesting the head coaches of other national teams. Although it is much less than at the same time a year ago.

There is already in the Ukrainian championship Aleksandar Dragovic, Lukasz Teodorczyk, Mikhail Sivakov, Sekou Conde, Vitaly Yagodinska does not play more for Croatia, Darijo Srna…

Most of the foreign collections in the tradition of Dynamo – three. The game Croatia – Ukraine, which will take place on 24 March in Zagreb, preparing not only Ukrainians, but also Central, the Kyiv defender domagoj Vida. Newcomer Tamas Kadar sent in the national team of Hungary – March 25, she will play a qualifying match for the 2018 world Cup with Portugal, and the 28th will hold a friendly match with Russia.

Well, derlis Gonzalez will go on a long hike in the national team of Paraguay. His team March 23, will Ecuador and 28th will play away with Brazil. We look forward to returning in early April.

In passing, I note that the composition of the Portuguese no Vitorino Antunes, neither the former FC Dynamo Kyiv Miguel Veloso.

Representation of foreign teams with “Dynamo” now equal “Steel” in the spring under the leadership of Leonid Kuchuk has played in the Ukrainian League, better all (the same 10 points in four matches that Shakhtar have, but a much better goal difference and goals conceded – 8:1 vs. 6:3). She also has three foreigners in teams.

Robert prosinecki was summoned to Azerbaijan’s national team right-back Became Pashayev (do not be surprised if soon there will be let Dnipro right back Dmitry Nagiyev, Azerbaijan has already played for the youth team). The fact that a lot Pashayev played for Ukrainian Junior team, does not matter.

By the way, now in the national team of Azerbaijan and German-born striker “Bursaspor” Deniz Yilmaz, has gone through all Junior national teams of Turkey on youth, inclusive, and 17-year-old Renat Dadashov from the second team Eintracht Frankfurt.

Incidentally, in may last year, he played for the Junior team of Germany in the final tournament of the European championship in Baku. By the way, there is just Germany national team of Azerbaijan will host on March 26 in the qualifying tournament for the 2018 world Cup.

Well Malakani brothers Edgar and Gor, even if they are not as stable as France, departed from “Steel” to the location of the Armenian team, coached by Artur Petrosyan – once evil genius of the Ukrainian national team, she scored four goals. On March 26, she plays with Kazakhstan.

Stuffed with Brazilians in Shakhtar’s foreign collection of only one – winger youth team of miners Giorgi Arabidze. Tyson flashed was in the Brazil national team is no longer called. But in the mill the they the matches with the teams of Uruguay (23 March) and Paraguay (March 28) caused by former players of Shakhtar’s Willian (Chelsea) and Fernandinho (Manchester city), as well as the former let Dnipro right back Julian (“Zenith”), ex-Kharkiv Diogo Souza (“Sport Recife”) and ex-nominated tune (“Palmeiras”).

Yes, we were once a championship… And that’s Bavarian for Douglas Costa this time there.

Arabidze has already been selected in the national team, but has not yet played for the team, coached by Vladimir Weiss, could make his debut in the qualifying match H-2018 Serbia on 24 March, or, more likely, in a friendly match with Latvia on 28 March. But on account of the Odessa David Khocholava, of which Weiss is also called, is already two matches in the national team of Georgia.

Eugene BELOZEROV, Sport-Express in Ukraine

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