The selection of the 2018 world Cup: Corruption, booze and middle finger

Sunday. Vilnius. Lithuania – England – 0:1. 27 minutes. Harry KANE with a penalty scored the winning goal. Photo: Reuters

15 months after a humiliating defeat by Iceland in Euro 2016 national team of England won the qualifying group for the 2018 world Cup.

During this time the players and coaches of the team were often the center of attention.


“I would not say that England has reached the bottom,” admitted the new England Manager Sam Allardyce at the inaugural press conference in July 2016. He knew the bottom to be broken after a couple of months when he is Big Sam will be at the epicenter of dirty corruption stories.

In September, the newspaper The Telegraph published on its website a surveillance video where Allardyce gives figureheads (by the journalists) secret information about how to get around the FIFA rule banning the ownership of rights to players to any third parties. Coach in General terms described the scheme in which customers will be able to make a profit. The journalists were pleased and offered to Allardyce for mediation services 400 thousand pounds. He agreed, of course.

Shortly after the publication of Big Sam was forced to retire after 67 days after the appointment. Interestingly, during this time, the team under his leadership managed to beat Slovakia away – Allardyce remains the only coach in the history of the main England team with a perfect result.


News about quitting Allardyce are all glad to see the Arsenal fans, because the main candidate to replace him was considered Arsene Wenger. Even the former Executive Director of the Football Association David Davies had no doubt – by the end of the year the Frenchman will lead the national team. However, before the appointment it never came, while the negotiations with Wenger did take place (it is indirectly confirmed by the trainer of “Arsenal”), and the FA just decided to raise the coach of the youth team of Gareth Southgate. Resolution of disputes: the English boys he only worked with Middlesbrough, without much success. But England, under his leadership, qualified for the world Cup, though, let’s be honest, a group she was weak.

However, something from Wenger Southgate took. For example, the ability to deal with jackets.


A new coach always needs support from the players, especially the young. But experienced players for some reason decided that the aid is necessary to nobody, especially after a crushing victory over neighbours Scotland. British media have sniffed that in mid-November, the then captain Rooney was drinking in a bar, and after returning to the hotel stumbled upon a wedding of complete strangers, who gladly took a picture with the top scorer in the history of England. Later, Rooney has publicly apologized for these images, and PEP Guardiola very funny to justify it: “Well, I drank too, in the national team, what?”

In the shadow of Rooney was another bloated media mini-scandal: on the same day, Henderson and Lallana visited a strip club. BBC journalists even learned that the first drank only water, and the second knocked over a glass of beer. Both without punishment. Actually, for what to punish?


In March, the South gate was unexpectedly called to the national team, 34-year-old Defoe. At that moment, he was in good form, he scored 7 goals in 13 winter Premier League matches for Sunderland, but still falling into the cage team looked amazing. But Defoe not only went on the basis for the match against Lithuania, and scored midway through the first half.

And in August suddenly ended his career in the national team 31-year-old captain Rooney. Of course, he has not held national team, and in the current qualifying campaign never scored, but still his decision seems hasty. Rooney has not even held a farewell game. Remains a tiny hope that one of the best English players of the century will come around, although he has admitted: “I’m not going to change the decision. Those who fight for the world Cup, more than I deserve to go.”


In September, the ridiculous situation has hit another team’s leader is 21-year-old Allie. Midfielder Tottenham and England during the game against Slovakia showed a “gesture of Effenberg” allegedly in the direction of the referee clément Turpen.

Allie later admitted that the gesture was addressed to his former teammate and the teammate Walker that seems to be true of himself Southgate admitted that they have “peculiar methods of communication.” But FIFA did not satisfy either of these explanations or even the video evidence sent the Football Association – alli disqualified for one game, and he turned into an Internet meme.

Gosha CHERNOV, Sport-Express

Group F


Goal: Kane, 27 – penalty (0:1).

Lithuania: Satkus, Borovsky, Andruskevicius, Girdvainis Klimavičius, The Signatory (Matulevicius, 76), God Gulpa, Plum (Chvedukas, 90+1), Black, Novikov.

England: Butland, Trippier, Stones, Keane, Cresswell, Maguire, Henderson, Winks, Allie (Lingard, 81), Kane, Rashford (Sturridge, 72).

Punishment: plum, 54 (warning).

Judge: Greenfeld (Israel).

8 Oct. Vilnius. Stadium “Wind”.


Goals: Griffiths, 32 (0:1). Bezak, 52 (1:1). Bezak, 72 (2:1). Snodgrass, 88 (2:2).

Slovenia: Oblak, Cesar, Jokić, Mevla, String (Skubic, 46), Iličić, Curtici, Rothman, Verbic, Repas (Basak, 46), Matavž (Vetri, 89).

Scotland: Gordon, Berra, Mulgrew, Robertson, Tierney (St.Fletcher, 80), D. Fletcher, McArthur (Snodgrass, 79), Bannan, Phillips, Griffiths, Martin (Anya, 53).

Punishment: Tierney, 5. Rothman, 57. MacArthur, 65. Mulgrew, 83. Berra, 90+1. Cesar, 90+1. Verbic, 90+1 (warnings). Cesar, 90+2 (delete).

Referee: Eriksson (Sweden).

8 Oct. Ljubljana. Stadium “Stožice”.

SLOVAKIA – MALTA – 3:0 (1:0)

Goals: The German, 33 (1:0). German, 62 (2:0). Duda, 69 (3:0).

Slovakia: Dubravka, Martin Skrtel, Hubocan (Masani, 87), Pekarík, Skrinjar, Hamsik, Weiss, Rusnak (Mihalik, 87), Lobotka, Duda, German.

Malta: Hogg, Agus, CT.Borg, Camilleri, R. Fenech, Fenech P. (K. Borg, 88), J. Zerafa, Gambin (Failla, 76), Schembri, Effiong, Pisani.

Penalties: P. Fenech, 30. Pisani, 64. Duda, 79. Hubocan, 82. Schembri, 82. John.Zerafa, 83 (warnings).

Judge: Matstsoleni (Italy).

8 Oct. Trnava. Stadium “Anton Malatinsky”.

The final table


1. ENGLAND 10 8 2 0 26 18-3

2. Slovakia 10 6 0 4 18 17-7

3. Scotland 10 5 2 3 17-12 18

4. Slovenia 10 4 3 3 15 12-7

5. Lithuania 10 3 1 6 6 7-20

6. Malta 10 0 1 9 1 3-25

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