The selection of the 2018 world Cup: coach Shoe touches?

Mircea Lucescu. Photo: Reuters

TURKEY – ICELAND – 0:3 (0:2)

Goals: Gudmundsson, 32 (0:1). Batnasan, 39 (0:2). Aadneson, 50 (0:3).

Turkey: Volkan Babacan, Kaan Ayhan, Mehmet Topal, Çağlar, Seungju, Erkin Caner, Nuri Sahin (Ozan Tufan, 46), Emre Belözoğlu (Yunus Malli, 79), Cenk Tosun, Oguzhan An Attempt On Goal, Arda Turan (Emre Moore, 60), Burak Yilmaz.

Iceland: Halldorsson, Saevarsson, Audunson, R. Sigurdsson, Magnusson, Gunnarsson (Ingason, 65), Gudmundsson (A. Skulason, 82), G. Sigurdsson, Barnason, Finnbogason (O. Skulason, 78), Bödvarsson.

Punishment: Gudmundsson, 16. Çağlar Seuno, 41. Arda Turan, 45. Caner Erkin, 79 (warnings).

Judge: Marciniak (Poland).

6 Oct. Eskisehir. Stadium “Yeni Sakarya”.

It was believed that the Turkey team after the arrival of Mircea Lucescu is on the rise. Leave out the Kharkov defeat of the Ukraine – in the end, it was only the first match.

Besides visiting. But one return to the national team was expelled Arda Turan after the disqualification for transfere-the financial sins Hakan Çalhanoğlu filled the soul of Turkish fans optimism.

The assumption that the hopes are not unfounded, was confirmed in the victory over Croatia. A Pyrrhic victory will not name – she is worth the team losing just one player on the same Çalhanoğlu, who received a second yellow and lost the opportunity to play against Iceland in Eskisehir. But perhaps the most serious loss was the absence on the coaching bench Lucescu, afford Kharkiv match the old tricks, like chasing the referee, with the result that the Romanians were also suspended for one game.

Perhaps this is all somehow influenced the actions of his players. Although for some reason it seems that adults who have seen a lot in professional football, if left on the field, should not care where the coach is on the bench or in the stands. Neither from the bench nor from the rostrum do not shout at the corner, in the far corner of the goalie stands alone, as solitary, and the player around which within a radius of five meters, no one – neither his nor other people.

Of course, there is a flow to it, reset practically on the goal line – and another ball in the net Turkey. So was scored third goal of Iceland at the stadium in Eskisehir.

The first two is also the result of blunders of the defense, though not as egregious and so blatantly conspicuous. Jone Dadi Bödvarsson stripped the defense of the opponent effortlessly. Right Central defender Mehmet Topal look indifferently at how the Icelander coming to the gate not even on the brow and along the side of the penalty area and did nothing to prevent him to shoot. The pass to the far post where already on duty Johann Berg Gudmundsson account is opened.

Is just nothing, and Bödvarsson, pulling themselves three (!) defenders one pass leaves them out of work, and Birkir of Bhadrasana prints on a date with Volkan Babacan. The attacking midfielder calmly dealt with the goalkeeper throwing the ball over him.

The result is 0:3, while Turkey was considered the clear favorite of the match with odds on her victory of 1.85. The opponent is about 4.5. Interesting and who is now 69 percent of the time possession of the ball owners? Crash, otherwise you will not tell. But started not on Friday and not at the day appointed Lucescu. And not when cast out Arda Turan.

By the way, Arda, who conducted one hundredth match for the national team, frankly, it failed and left the field, when it was replaced, the whistling of the stands and a smirk. Appropriate atmosphere in the team, if anyone could improve, it is certainly not Lucescu. Well, to put the game, he definitely can, just not yet.

For Euro-2016 Iceland “fired” head coach of England Roy Hodgson. To sack the coach, of course, will not happen. Too little work and too great a compensation for breach of contract. Some media do not criticize. But not inclined to feel sorry for gets. First of all, the composition.

Why Arda Turan if he’s not playing for Barcelona? Why in the centre of defence not dortmunder Omer Toprak, Mehmet Topal, which is generally not a defender? Why striker Jack Tosun goes not on the edge and on the flank? Why against the powerful Icelanders exhibited not the coolest athlete, the 37-year-old (!) Emre Belözoğlu?

I would only claim the latter agreed without question. Another thing is that it was the only one who was forced to replace Lucescu compared with a victorious match with Croatia (instead of Çalhanoğlu). I do not guess. Happen. But too late realized this.

So, the Turkey flies past the 2018 world Cup, while Iceland with a population of 330 thousand people have one foot there. To take first place, it is enough not to lose at home to Kosovo. Maybe this is not required. The Turks will hold a consolation match with Finland. It is already known that the Country of thousands of lakes will not fly Caner Erkin, Arda Turan, Nuri Sahin and Burak Yilmaz. Of these, only the first suspension. And this seems to be just the beginning of a big cleaning.

Hallgrímsson, head coach of Iceland:

– Today, the team fully complied with the installation, even though it was very difficult and it was necessary to step on a throat to an own song. It now remains to take the last step. The team are extremely focused. All eager for the fight, although of course changes will be.

Tayfur HAVUTCU, coach of Turkey:

– I have nothing to say. I just want to apologize to the fans. We learned very well our opponents and put practically the same team that beat Croatia. But, apparently, something underestimated.

Eugene BELOZEROV, Sport-Express in Ukraine

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