The selection of the 2018 world Cup: brings bad luck

Arjen Robben. Photo: Reuters

“SE” was the symbolic team of the players who failed to qualify for the world Cup.

No matter how loyal nor was the selection, there will always be failed to pass it superstars. Qualification for the upcoming world Cup turned out to be particularly harsh: past the world Cup has flown by, for example, a four-time world Champions, the Italians and the current Champions of South America the Chileans.

That’s why we’ve created a list of the best unsuccessful, which under condition of participation in this part could make a run at the 2018 world Cup and win.

Clarification: talking about the representatives of those teams that the principle of the sport was unable to qualify for the world Cup. About the players who do not go to the world Cup, because it is not included in the lists of 23 (say, the best midfielder of Serie A, Raja Nainggolan not called to the national team of Belgium because of a conflict with the coach) later is a different story.


Gianluigi Buffon – one of those people whose greatness we will understand we will understand only after a while. The standard gentleman on the football field, the master with a capital letter. People who went for Juventus in Serie B, when this fails dreamed of any club in the world – and became one of those who brought him into the finals of the Champions League. The goalkeeper, who openly declared that is ready to go to the world Cup as a second or third goalie, if need be – and, of course, won again after these words, the competition from other Italian goalkeepers.

The phenomenon of Gigi that he at any stage not “gorged on” football. The phenomenon of stability, the European record holder for appearances for the national team, Buffon and slowed down to his demands even after winning the world Cup. Twenty years of ruthless attitude and impeccable service to their clubs and the national team… When the Italian team failed to overcome butt matches of the world Cup, crying not alone.


From living legends moving on to the genius of universalism. David Alaba at the time set a record for the youth in the Champions League: Louis van Gaal could not appreciate the talent of the reactive player from reserve team of Bayern. 25 years to have Alaba just inhuman 354 match in professional football – almost everything he played for Bayern and the national team of Austria.

Different coaches used him as left back, left winger, Central defender and even Central midfielder – and everywhere Alaba showed outstanding physical ability and understanding of the game. In the summer of 2018, alas, to demonstrate all this will have at best on the beaches – the Austrians failed the selection, scoring only two points in matches against Wales and Ireland.


Leonardo Bonucci is not up to inclusions in the top team – and his career is experiencing a steep dive. The transition from “Juventus” “Milan” has added both teamwork and individual problems: Leo makes a mistake after mistake, and the Rossoneri are clearly not able to lead him to the seventh championship in a row and return to the Champions League is unlikely.

But the fact of the matter is that Bonucci is a defender of such outstanding quality that even three bad months look a disaster for him. Last year Leo was named footballer of the year in Italy, AC Milan have not regretted for one player of forty million euros, despite the 30 years of age, and the thesis “Bonucci is the best defender in the world” in the summer looked no version, but a statement of fact.


When Roma for crazy money, sold in “Paris Saint-Germain FC” Marquinhos, it seemed like the end all of the Roman project. “Wolves,” and so took the sixth place, and then there goes the best player on the team… But the timely acquisition of Kostas Manolas allowed the “wolves” again to get impenetrable defense and to take second or third place instead of sixth.

Reliable, perfectly reading the game and moreover, structurally unstable Greek looks a worthy successor to the Greek tradition of defensive – and, if the lot is not brought Greeks Croats, we could see the fight Costas with the best forwards in the world and on the Russian fields.


Continue the Italian theme. Football Napoli is impossible without burning out the side of full – backs- up to the fact that the injury left back Ghulam deprived the team the opportunity to compete with the “my Teams”. Elseid Husaj acts on the right flank and pulls the highest level of requirements.

Husay only 23 years old, and his shoulders almost 250 appearances for Empoli, Napoli and the national team of Albania… our all star team will be a very quick, but very experienced lateral.


Chosen about the nose go completely unfounded rumors (car crash and the words of former coach Jorge Sampaoli), that he has a drinking problem. And then the question arises: if Arturo Vidal plays with chronic alcoholism, as if he was playing, observing a mode?

Strong midfielder, a man capable of eat all of the opponent’s attack and developing them for his team – with the advent of Arturo tied for the best era in the history of the national team of Chile. Well, with his own goal directly related to the absence of “La Roja” for the world Cup.


Now it can hardly fit in the head that Henrikh Mkhitaryan played under the direction of Nikolay Kostov in Donetsk “the Metallurgist” and gave an assist musavenkosi Mguni. The Armenian outstanding vision of the field: he manages to collect assists, regardless of the level of the League and the opponent.

In “Borussia” Henrik was named the best player in the Bundesliga, despite the title, Bayern, Manchester United, he was able to break the distrust of Jose Mourinho – and convinced the coach to put in a stock of a living legend of the club Wayne Rooney. With all these regalia Mkhitaryan is a very responsible attitude to the matches for the national team and sincerely asks for forgiveness in an interview after the defeat.


Marek Hamsik will soon deserve monuments in Naples and the stamps in Slovakia. His trophy list is limited to two Cups and a Supercup of Italy to 30 years, but his contribution to the achievement of “Napoli” and the national team over the last decade is difficult to overestimate.

He left a few matches and goals to the rank of the first guard and the scorer of the national team, two goals up in order to get around Maradona scoring for “Ricardo”. Outstanding playmaker, one who knows how one pass to cut the opponent’s defense (as happened including with the national team of Ukraine in the selection for Euro-2016) showed the same human qualities, he decided to dedicate his life to Neapolitan club.


Gareth Balu now challenging Welsh to injuries and rumors about the desire of real Madrid to part with him. To compensate for these problems may hit in the team where he can play on his favorite left flank. In Madrid with Cristiano Ronaldo, he plays on the right, and in the national team – about “nine” because of the lack of class forwards.

About the players, all strengths which begin and end on the athleticism, to say with disdain. But the athleticism of the Bale before the phenomenal, allowing him to top level play at least three different positions. At the time, he played for both teams from Wales in Rugby, football and javelin – is symbolic of our team not strengthen such a phenomenon?


Arjen Robben throughout his career confirms a saying of Bruce Lee: “I’m not afraid of who is studying 10,000 different strokes. I’m afraid of the one who studies one kick 10,000 times”. Fifteen years everyone knows that Robben threat shifts from the flank and struck – but no one starting with rivals, “Groningen” in 2002 and ending Borussia Dortmund ten days ago, has nothing to do with it.

The beauty of Robben in the fact that in the course of his career he broke the distrust of himself. He was literally kicked out of “real” Florentino Perez, didn’t believe in him, calling it monotonous and primitive player, journalists and fans. Robben responds 237 goals in his professional career (almost all on supertop-level: the Premier League, Primera, Bundesliga, Champions League) and the title of best player of UEFA Champions League 2012/13.

Even at the age of 33 Robben could be the best player of the Dutch national team and left, forcing him to regret the breakup.


Well, to complete the attack in the symbolic team striker, who scored in the three previous seasons and 112 goals. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang runs a 30-meter segment faster than even Usain Bolt. Borussia Dortmund have hit the bullseye of back Gabonese – he’s already in his debut match scored a hat-trick and is not appeased until now.

He put the wine in the dependence of the partners on the same team it isn’t nearly live up to its potential, and in the “Saint-├ętienne” did not Shine so brightly. But in a team like ours, Aubameyang would definitely be able to open up…

Vitaly PASICHNY, Sport-Express in Ukraine

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