The selection of the 2018 world Cup: Brazil is the Perfect and cautious Argentina (VIDEO)

Thursday. Montevideo. Uruguay – Argentina – 0:0. The arms of team-mates Lionel MESSI (left) and Luis SUAREZ after the match. Photo: Reuters

“SE” tells about the matches of the 15th round of the qualifying cycle for the 2018 world Cup in South America, after which the second and the eighth team in the table are separated by only five points.


Uruguay – Argentina – 0:0

Uruguay: Muslera, Caceres, Gimenez, Silva, Godin, Rodriguez, Gonzalez (Corujo, 68), Vecino, Nantes, Cavani, Suarez (Stuani, 83).

Argentina: Romero, Fazio, Mercado, Otamendi, Biglia, Di Maria (Correa, 90+2), Pizarro, Acuna (Acosta, 61), Messi, Icardi, Dibala (Pastor, 71).

Warning: Jimenez, 41. Gonzalez, 47. Mercado, 50. Pastor, 72. Rodriguez, 77.

The oldest South American Clasico could be held without the main stars. However, FIFA, Messi disqualifiziert initially for four matches for insulting an assistant referee after the March game with Chile, pardoned Leo.

While his team-mate Luis Suarez has recovered from injury just in time for the resumption of the qualifying round. Before the match, two players of “Barcelona” appeared under the unusual 20-m and 30-m, symbolizing the joint request of the two countries and Paraguay to host the world Cup 2030.

The trend in the day of the match in Montevideo was asked by the head of CONMEBOL Alejandro domínguez, in a meeting with Paraguayan President Horacio Carecom reminded that South America can be considered the birthplace of the world Championships as the venue of the first planetary tournament.

As far as the game, the remaining disappointed by the result Jorge Sampaoli in the first official match in charge albiceleste expected formed the attacking triangle of acting from the depths Messi Debaloy, and also received a chance Icardi in the role of centre-forward. However, at the end of the first half, the star of “inter” scored only six contacts with the ball, and all – away from the gate. There was a lot of struggle and a low, given the high significance of the result, dangerous moments. And those that arose brilliantly neutralized Muslera and Romero.

On account of the Argentine was the main salvation of the match when he is not allowed to vary in time to finish off Cavani. Note that the Zenit Paredes remained in reserve for the guests, and Rigoni and did not get in for the game.

From the tournament point of view the first twenty years of the goalless draw these rivals was a mixed result. It is possible to find both minuses and pluses like interrupted the series of three defeats. Not degrassi before the final whistle, Suarez was quick to reassure fans, explaining early retirement and muscle spasm.



Brazil – Ecuador – 2:0 (Paulinho, 70. Philippe Coutinho, 77)

Brazil: Alisson Miranda (Thiago Silva, 46), Dani Alves, Marcelo, Markings, Renato Augusto (Philippe Coutinho, 59), Willian (Luan Vieira, 84), Paulinho, Kazimir, Neymar, Gabriel Jesus.

Ecuador: Bangera, Acilar, Ramirez, Arboleda, Velasco, A. Valencia, Quiñones, Noboa, Gabor (Casares, 73), Martinez (M. Caicedo, 84), EN.Valencia (F. Caicedo, 73).

Warning: Martinez, 26. Neymar, 36. Gabriel BOM Jesus, 60. Velasco, 60. Marcelo, 80.

Back in the spring to ensure yourself a ticket to Russia they since the arrival of Titus, the head coach won a record in the qualifying round of nine matches out of nine with a total score of 26:2! A goalless draw at the break looked like a misunderstanding, because the advantage of the Brazilians was overwhelming, and Ecuador Noboa in the composition in 45 minutes not only did not cause any impact, but never touched the ball in the penalty area.

Point in a series of missed chances put Paulinho, Balotelli the ball in the net after a corner. And after the recent rookie of Barcelona scored his potential teammate Coutinho. Still a Liverpool FC player, who the team conducted additional sessions with a fitness coach couldn’t miss after a perfect transfer Gabriela Jesus, which mockingly threw the ball over the head of a defender.


Chile – Paraguay – 0:3 (Vidal, 24, own goal. Caceres, 55. R. Ortiz, 90+2)

Chile: Bravo, Isla, Medel, Jara (Orellana, 79), Vidal, Beausejour, Aránguiz, Díaz (Valdivia, 57), Sanchez, Vargas, Castillo (Paredes, 57).

Paraguay: Silva, Zamudio (Barreiro, 51), Gomez, Alonso, Moreira, Da Silva, Romero, Sergio Almirón (Rolon, 79), Riveros, Caceres (Ortiz, 70), Barrios.

Warning: Barreiro, 72. Aránguiz, 75. ‘hare 77. Beausejour, 84. Vidal 90+5.

Sometimes it seems that in qualifying Chileans have played one team and the other speaks at major tournaments. Version number two ruthless rivals and won two consecutive America’s Cup, and then reaches the final of the confederations Cup. The first is capable to stumble at any moment, which was forced to recall the stunning beauty of a goal by Vidal.

The problem was that he in the fall sent the ball head into the top corner of his own goal. Unlikely Arturo wanted to go down in the history of the South American qualifying rounds, as the sole author of two goals.

Also considered masters of defense Paraguayans to break the lead without a single shot on target. Such followed later, and that was enough to Caceres doubled the visitors ‘ advantage. In the past year, the team of Francisco Arce failed to hold the same advantage against Brazil, however, the mistakes were made right conclusions, and bringing the score to big, Paraguay returned to the race for a ticket to Russia.



Venezuela – Colombia – 0:0

Venezuela: Fringes, Feltcher, Villanueva, Garcia, Chancellor, Rincon, Herrera, Córdoba (Figueira, 84), Rondon, Martinez (Otero, 55), Macys (H. Murillo, 60). Colombia: Ospina, Zapata, Arias, Murillo, O., Fabre, Sanchez (Aguilar, 75), Cuadrado, Cardona (Moreno, 63), Barrios, Falcao, Chara (Muriel, 80).

Warning: O. Murillo, 16. Cordoba, 18. Rincon, 90+1.

The second-ranked Colombians had nothing to do with Venezuelan curse. No team in the history of the qualifying matches of the world Championships is not playing so bad away have long ago lost all chances to go to Russia as an outsider. Colombia can boast only one win and did not score it in Venezuela four cycles in a row from 2001!

It may be in field one of the main characters of the current campaign James Rodriguez, the outcome turned out different, but in the absence of injured rookie Bayern, Falcao and company were never able to break 20-year-old Farinas – Vice-world champion among youth national teams. However, for guests it could end even sadder, do not reflect Pock a kick our old friend Rondon from outside the box.

Peru – Bolivia – 2:1 (Flores, 55. Cueva, 59. Alvarez, 72)

Peru: In Cáseda, Rodriguez, Ramos, Advincula, Trauma, Farfan, Cueva (Hurtado, 78), Carrillo (Polo, 87), Aquino, Ruidiaz (Peña, 75), E. Flores.

Bolivia: The Lamp Raldes, Valverde, Centeno, Bejarano, Sagredo (H. E. Flores, 65), Campos, VIAR, Castro (Justiniano, 67), Moreno, Alvarez.

Warning: Raldes, 34. Campos, 42. Advincula, 50. Aquino, 64. Farfan, 90+1.

Peruvians because of two yellow cards were missing their main star Guerrero, in the absence of which after a year and a half break took place the return to the national team midfielder of “Locomotive” farfán. For a veteran of this game was the 70th for the national team, which has revived the chances to travel next summer to Russia, and the fate of the match decided the cut at the beginning of the second half.

To start Martins’s free-kick hit the post Peruvian gate, then the hosts within four minutes scored twice. As Flores and the stunning Cueva failed to execute strikes from outside the penalty area, which turned out to Bolivia not only defeat, but a record of the world Championships.

Outsider in the qualifiers can’t win for 54 home games in a row, surpassing the dubious achievement of Luxembourg.

Andrey KUZICHEV, Sport-Express

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