The selection of the 2018 world Cup: Argentina falls into “joints”

Tuesday. La Paz. Bolivia – Argentina – 2:0. Goals from Juan ARCE (No. 7) and Marcelo MORENO (No. 9) in the gate Sergio ROMERO brought victory to the Bolivians. Photo: Reuters


South America

14-th round

The FIFA disciplinary Committee disqualified on four matches of Lionel Messi. Striker punished for insulting the assistant referees in the match against Chile.

The leader of the Argentines missed the game with Bolivia and will not be able to take the field in the games against Uruguay, Venezuela and Peru.


Goals: Arce, 31 (1:0). Moreno, 53 (2:0).

Bolivia: The Lamp Raldes, Bejarano, Flores, Centeno, Escobar, Chumacero, Vajar (Campos, 85), Castro, Arce (Justiniano, 73), Moreno (Miranda, 90+3).

Argentina: Romero, Roncaglia, Rojo, Musacchio, Maury (Karusso, 36), Perez (Acuña, 70), Banega, Di Maria, Pizarro, Pratto, Correa (Aguero, 56).

Punishment: Andujar, 39. Banega, 41. VIAR, 67 (warnings).

Referee: Roldán (Colombia).

March 28. La Paz. The Stadium “Hernando Siles”.

Perhaps never before this qualifying round, Argentina was not so Messi-dependent, but relatively recently, Leo was blamed for the fact that the team he plays worse than in Barcelona. Without their captain, the Vice-world Champions have won just one of their eight qualifying matches, and with it won five times in six rounds, and this loss may leave the best player on the planet and its partners without the main tournament forth. To many it still feels like an exaggeration, but the eyes of the Argentinean fear not great in a vacuum. In early August, the blue and white waiting for a killer trip to Uruguay and then home games with Venezuela and Peru. Quite modest teams, which again in the absence of Messi to beat failed.

With such layouts the match in La Paz was for Edgardo Busy hardly decisive, and the coach had to reshape the composition has already been reconstructed in connection with injuries and a suspension have Otamendi, Higuain, and Mascherano Bile. Three new defender, as many fresh faces in the attacking Quartet and a completely redesigned steam locomotive. Such rotation, few people can afford. “We didn’t have time to prepare a Messi replacement,” said Bauza, who called the story of the suspicious disqualification.

In the end, the whole creative part was reduced to the action Di Maria, who was obliged to open the account, however, cutting the ball over the Lamp, I have forgotten what magic is capable of Bolivian goalkeeper. Romero Argentines also was initially saved, but just after the above moment at the gate opposite did not dare to play, Roncaglia lost the position of the ARS, and footballer, who played seven years ago, two dozen matches for Terek, the back of his head sent the ball into the net after the filing of Escobar.

It is a wild mistake was made by the visiting defenders and early in the second half, allowing Moreno to shoot the gate from several metres, but this striker with 15 goals came in third place in the ranking Bolivian scorers and scored one of the best teams of the world in a row in the third qualifying round of the world Championships! After that, Bolivia was much more likely to bring the matter to the defeat than Argentina at least to score a goal. Without Messi, that’s another team that has conceded at least two goals in four in a row, the guest of the qualifying games and is giving the right to “joints” in fifth place only because of the continuing fall in Ecuador.

BRAZIL – PARAGUAY – 3:0 (1:0)

Goals: Philippe Coutinho, 34 (1:0). Neymar, 64 (2:0). Marcelo, 85 (3:0).

Missed penalty: Neymar, 53 (goalkeeper).

Brazil: Alisson, Miranda, Marcela, Fagner, Martinus (Thiago Silva, 46), Renato Augusto, Philippe Coutinho (Willian 87), Paulinho, Kazimir, Neymar, Roberto Firmino (Diogo Sousa, 88).

Paraguay: Silva, Da Silva, Veron, Alonso, Valdes, Riveros, Perez, Rojas, D. González (Santander, 55), Almirón (A. Romero, 46), Dominguez (A. Romero, 77).

Punishment: Valdes, 5. Dominguez, 76. Rojas, 79 (warnings).

Judge: Carrillo (Peru).

March 28. The State Of São Paulo. “Corinthians Arena”.

“I don’t think Brazil is ready for world championship”, – shy after the defeat of Uruguay, Titus, and just a few days they successfully overcame the qualifying tournament. They became the first finalists of the third cycle in a row, while a year ago, some doubted the prospects stunted under Dungy team. However, the new coach miraculously transformed the team, which repeated the best in its history, a series of eight consecutive wins, and there is no doubt that at the end of August the record 1977 and 1985 to be broken.

Titus is changing not only the game but and captains. This is the first time under him it came to Neymar, after a triumphant Olympics from bandage refused. And he played a captain, after unsold at the beginning of the second half from the penalty spot having created another masterpiece after the outbreak on their own half of the field solo run.

He was a good and conqueror of Uruguay Paulinho, who gave two amazing for the execution of the transfer for Philippe Coutinho and Marcelo. This match between Brazil and want to watch again and again, and what happiness, that next summer we will have the opportunity to watch this magic live.

PERU – URUGUAY – 2:1 (1:1)

Goals: K. Sanchez, 30 (0:1). Guerrero, 35 (1:1). Flores, 62 (2:1).

Peru: Gallese, A. Rodriguez, Corso, Trauma, Araujo, Cueva (Hurtado, 46), Yotun, Carrillo (Polo, 83), Tapia, Guerrero, Flores (Aquino 90+1).

Uruguay: Muslera, Godin, Fucile, Maxi Pereira, Gimenez, C. Rodriguez (De Arrascaeta, 73), Alf. Gonzalez, K. Sanchez (Urreta, 64), Vecino, L., Suarez, Cavani.

Punishment: Tapia, 33. Urreta, 65. Hurtado, 73. Guerrero, 78. Corso, 87. Fucile, 90+2 (warnings). Urreta, 76 (delete).

Judge: Bascunan (Chile).

March 28. Lima. National stadium.

Humiliated the Brazilians “sky blue” it was not necessary to further customize the game in Lima. Especially in the composition of the guests returned after the disqualification Suarez. He helped to differ Carlos Sanchez – the best assistant of the qualifying round, had never scored for the national team. But here’s the problem – the team Oscar Tabares suffered a third defeat in a row after he was able to open an account. Peruvians, on the other hand, are one of the most mentally strong teams. They have five times managed to avoid defeat when the opponent opened the score.

This is not surprising in the presence of team Paolo Guerrero. It is not just the best scorer in the team’s history, a man able to lead. Victory over descended to the third place with Uruguay – is entirely to his credit. Effective discount on Flores plus perfect performance after a fantastic transfer Jotun from own half – that’s a recipe for success, keeping the team’s former player of the national team of Argentina Ricardo Garci chance to cling to the “joints”.

CHILE – VENEZUELA – 3:1 (3:0)

Goals: A. Sanchez 4 (1:0). Paredes, 7 (2:0). Paredes, 22 (3:0). Rondon, 62 (3:1).

Missed penalty: A. Sanchez, 77 (goalkeeper).

Chile: Bravo, Isla (Diaz, 87), Medel, Jara, Vidal, Beausejour, Aránguiz, P. Hernandez (Carmona 87), A. Sánchez, Paredes (Valdivia, 55), And Vargas.

Venezuela: Fringes, Feltcher, Alex. Gonzalez (Garcia, 60), Angel, Villanueva, Rincon (Figueira, 84), Otero, Zambrano, Rondon, Macys (Penaranda, 67), Murillo.

Penalties: Alex. Gonzalez, 42. Medel, 45+1. Angel, 65. Diaz, 90+1 (warnings).

Judge: Cunha (Uruguay).

March 28. Santiago. Stadium “David Arellano”.

Caught in the last round in sixth place winners of the America’s Cup, immediately took the bull by the horns, and just a few minutes of issues caused exclusively by the final result and the names of the Goalscorers. Marked the beginning of a stunning defeat for the execution of the penalty Alexis Sanchez with 37 goals caught up with the best scorer of the national team Marcelo Salas, after which he continued private benefit.

His pause before vsporovshey defense of the guests transfer to the Orangis was brilliant, and the partner could only roll the ball across the goal for Paredes. In the third effective attack Sanchez demonstrated the insatiable thirst of the struggle, failed in almost hopeless situation, the head is not easy to get going out of bounds the ball, and to record his assist. The first in this series accurate shot Rondon basically anything could not change. Like the fact that the gate of Venezuela has not scored the third penalty in qualifying, and Fringes deprived Sanchez goal record.

ECUADOR – COLOMBIA – 0:2 (0:2)

Goals: J. Rodriguez, 20 (0:1). Cuadrado, 34 (0:2).

Ecuador: Dreher, Ayovi, Pineda, A. Meena, L. Caicedo, A. Valencia, Oyola (Acilar, 65), Maine (Cortez, 59), Orejuela, F. Caicedo, Al.Valencia (M. Caicedo, 59).

Colombia: Ospina, Zapata, Arias (Bacca, 84), Th.Mina, Diaz, Aguilar (Torres 65), K. Sanchez, H., Rodriguez, Cuadrado, Cardona (Uribe, 73) Borja.

Penalties: L. Caicedo, 27. Zapata, 40. Acilar, 75. Orejuela, 85 (warnings). L. Caicedo, 61 (removal).

Judge: Power (Argentina).

March 28. Quito. The Stadium “Atahualpa”.

Home match against a direct rival for the national team of Ecuador the moment of truth, but Noboa and bolaños missed the game due to suspension. For not very rich in talent team is a huge loss, and when the opponents have a player of the level of James Rodriguez, the situation becomes hopeless. In the case of the first goal spent another brilliant match midfielder of real Madrid scored in the style of Falcao playing ahead of the curve and in the fall pushing the ball into the net after a nifty gear Lens outside of the foot.

Later James acted as assistant to have scored already in the empty goal Cuadrado, the Colombians and it was enough space for the first 21 years of the victory in Quito, who led the team of Jose pekerman in second place.

Andrey KUZICHEV, Sport-Express


1. Brazil 14 10 3 1 33 35-10

2. Columbia 14 7 3 4 24 18-15

3. Uruguay 14 7 2 5 23 26-17

4. Chile 14 7 2 5 24-19 23

5. Argentina 14 6 4 4 22 15-14

6. Ecuador 14 6 2 6 20 23-20

7. Peru 14 5 3 6 22-23 18

8. Paraguay 14 5 3 6 13-21 18

9. Bolivia 14 3 1 10 10 12-32

10. Venezuela 14 1 3 10 6 17-34

Scorer: CAVANI (Uruguay) is 9.

15-th round, August 31: Chile – Paraguay, Brazil – Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru – Bolivia, Uruguay and Argentina.

In the final tournament out teams ranked 1-4 places (5th place in the Intercontinental playoff).

Central and North America

Fifth round. 4-th round. Honduras – Costa Rica 1:1 (Lozano, 36 – Watson, 69).

Trinidad – Mexico – 0:1 (Reyes, 58).

Panama – USA – 1:1 (Gomez, 44 – Dempsey, 40).


1. Mexico 4 3 1 0 5-1 10

2. Costa Rica 4 2 1 1 7-3 7

3. Panama 4 1 2 1 2-2 5

4. USA 4 1 1 2 4 8-7

5. Honduras 4 1 1 2 4-9 4

6. Trinidad 4 1 0 3 2-6 3

In the final tournament out teams, who took 1-3 places (4th place in the Intercontinental playoff).

Qualifying tournament. Asia

The third round

7-th round. Group A. Korea – Syria – 1:0 (Hong Jeong-Ho, 4).

Iran – China 1:0 (Taremi, 46).

Uzbekistan – Qatar – 1:0 (Akhmedov, 65).


1. Iran 7 5 2 0 17 6-0

2. Korea 7 4 1 2 9-7 13

3. Uzbekistan 7 4 0 3 12 6-4

4. Syria 7 2 2 3 2-3 8

5. China 7 1 2 4 5 3-7

6. Qatar 7 1 1 5 4 3-8

Group B. Australia – UAE – 2:0 (Irvine, 6. Leckie, 78).

Japan – Thailand – 4:0 (Kagawa, 8. Okazaki, 19. Kubo, 57. Yoshida, 83). Missed penalty: Dangba (Thailand), 86 (goalkeeper).

Saudi Arabia – Iraq – 1:0 (El Shehri, 53).


1. Japan 7 5 1 1 14-5 16

2. Saud.Arabia 7 5 1 1 13-5 16

3. Australia 7 3 4 0 13 11-6

4. UAE 7 0 4 3 7-10 9

5. Iraq 7 1 1 4 5 7-10

6. Thailand 6 0 1 7 3-19 1

In the final tournament go to two teams from the group, and third-placed sides will compete for a berth in the Intercontinental playoffs.

Oceania. Third round. 4-th round. Group A. New Zealand – Fiji – 2:0.

New Zealand – 10 New Caledonia – 1 (2), Fiji – 0 (2).

Group B. Tahiti – Papua New Guinea – 1:2.

Tahiti – 6, Papua New Guinea, The Solomons – 3 (2).

In the fourth round out group winners.

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