The selection of the 2017 world Championships to Look at tomorrow still stands

Environment. Malaga. Spain – Ukraine – 22:20. Jennifer GUTIERREZ does a score of 11:3 in favor of the hosts. Photo:

A bright spurt midway through the second half of the return match showed that Ukrainian players worthy of trips to the world Cup, however, she went to Spain.

SPAIN – UKRAINE – 22:20 (14:5)

Spain: Navarro Jimenez, Zogby Said; Núñez, Rodríguez (2), González Barba (3), Peña (2), Aguilar (2), Cabral (7), Manga (1), Alvarez (2), Martin, Chavez, Gutierrez (2), Ortega (1), Sansa.

Ukraine: Gilyazetdinova, Balogh, Timoshenkova; Volovnik, Snopova (1), Radish (3), Horilka (1), Andreychuk (1), MC (6), Peredery (4), Smiling (1), Laiuk (3), Kompaniets, Gibco, Stryukove.

Seven: 6 (5) – 6 (5)

Penalty time: 12 – 8.

Judges: Harabagiu, Stanescu (both from Romania).

June 14. Malaga. Sports Palace of Argüelles, Fernando de Antequera. 2280 viewers.

The first match – 24:24.

The midnight flight home, our team was not allowed to give out room information first hand “a tape recorder”. And so I wanted to find out how the “getting” to 42 minutes a mile (9:19), managed to reduce “to minus 2”? It is a shame that all is lost. Maybe a draw in the sumac would have cost to avoid having at least some “Talon” – which is now sigh…

And on the other hand, the team that competed at the December Euro 2016, surpassed the world in 120 minutes the junction of the opponent, the continental forum miss. Is Spain for six months, when their material resources, can be strengthened? As I am about this. And again. Our archivist Yury Lyakhovetsky, preparing a selection for these matches (“SE” for June 8), has set us on a positive – the previous five dates official rank with blue-and-yellow roll. No joke, three victories, a defeat and a draw. Ah, retro…

But draws have us in the playoffs still happened, twice. In 2007 with the Danish guests, then won at home. Four years later, on the contrary, at first briskly stumbled in Iceland and home of the world’s work “for overall development”. Conclusion: after the world Cup-2009 we simply never in the female format finals was not involved. Now, were close. The author is not inclined to joke. Despite the fact that the lead at the site of a competitor team of Boris Chizhov managed solely in the debut ball of Almudena Rodriguez scored Anna Radish, and less than a minute the bottom right corner struck Julia Andrijchuk.

On four consecutive burst ladies Carlos weaver plus serial saves of the goalkeeper of “Gran Canaria” Silvia Navarro Jimenez. Only 12 minutes Lily Goralska stuck “Balon” in the top corner from the six-meter border zone is 5:3 in favor of the hosts. But five minutes before the break, when the web was similarly removed, but with the angle, Mireya Alvarez of the Hungarian “Erda”, so we did all the fun out of – 12:3. The same “plus 9” for 15 seconds to the equator of the game scored from the penalty spot another “Magyar”, Nerea singing of “Ferencvaros”.

I am sure that the lion’s share of local fans and Internet users figured lights. Especially not asleep to spite us and sumac Alexandrina Cabral – that’s you 16:6, is and 18:7. However, snapped > Smoling and Olga Peredery. However, after a few seconds experienced Mar Manga back the “gold piece” stock. You remember, about numbers 19:9 we said in the beginning? Who decided differently? Sure – Judit Balogh, the heroine of our material on the first match. Chastened opponents batted in focus shots of Maria Nunez, then Alvarez, not to mention long-range attempts.

In the stands perplexed – cut 0:8 is clearly not included in the plans of the Iberian squad. Weaver had to take a time-out in the 54th minute, for under a small penalty hit their star Macarena Aguilar. The “extra” implements Olga laiuk, share goals Cabral and Viktoriya Borshchenko (captain implements “Semitic” earned, Smiling), but experienced craftswomen in red and yellow shirts know how to keep the odds in three or four goals (type 22:19), keeping up to a critical point. And so, in principle, arise in connection with the release of the same Cabral. Well, to be honest, Navarro Jimenez had lost the indomitable Balogh. So here came the rush “streets of Malaga” with the consequences for hotel guests only.

…And now a small digression. Periodically on TV twist series “1941” and “1942”. A solid ensemble antipodes – Sergey Romanyuk and Vladimir Goryansky, and Ada Rogovtseva. There are able to play a military drama young. Only song a little decadent – “So what you’re sad, since the fate of don’t know? All the fortune tellers are fools, tomorrow will not look.” Yes, the projections and dreams of handball of Ukraine is not formally justified, so that – to the oars? I guess not.

Here in the movie I noted artists of the new generation, so they have the teachers were Nicholas Ruskowski, Irina Molostova, Mikhail Reznikovich. This is to ensure that the majority of national team players-2017 also passed a big University, and we have to take their inclinations for the future, not criticizing, but supporting.

But those problems that (Mikhail Zhvanetsky) “in the Conservatory should be corrected” is a query Federation and the Ministry – not guessing on a coffee thick? The important thing is that character actress we have.

Eugene KAREL, Sport-Express in Ukraine

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