The selection of the 2017 world Championships: Solo goalkeeper in the orchestra “salvation Army”

Friday. Sumy. The Arena Of The University. Ukraine – Spain – 24:24. Judit BALOG during the warm-up did not know that it is destined to reshape the course of the match. Photo:

Timely release to the forefront of Judit Balog allowed the Ukrainian team to overtake the Spanish squad and all to stand together even four minutes away from victory.

The first match

UKRAINE – SPAIN – 24:24 (10:16)

Ukraine: Timoshenkova, Balogh; Volovnik (1), Snopova (2) Radish (3), Horilka (3), Andreychuk, MC (9), Peredery (3), Kompaniets (1), Laiuk (1), Smiling (1).

Spain: Navarro Jimenez, Zogby Said; Martin (5), Alvarez (1), Chavez (2), Ortega, Cabral (5), Gonzalez Barba (2), Aguilar (3), Rodriguez (2), Manga (2), Nunez, Pena (2), Sanz, GutiƩrrez.

Seven: 6 (5) – 3 (2).

Penalty time: 10 – 8.

Judges: Martinian, Serepisos (both from Greece).

June 9. Sumy. The Arena Of The University. 1600 spectators.

The return match is on June 14 in Malaga.

In comparison with Austria, Turkey and Belarus, which are in similar meetings are significantly inferior, respectively, Romanian (29:34), Czech (25:29) and Montenegrin (26:33) handball players, Ukrainian women actually escaped “minus”. But, first, those three have the right to hope for a rematch in Stockerau, Ankara, and Minsk, while our girls are your home match is carried out. Secondly, the story itself Sumy match turned out to be contradictory.

Remember, this was a hit – “Wonderful neighbor”? So, with the initial part of the verse (“it is now no fun…”) all came from our team’s well – losing in the first half, 5:12, blue and yellow made a natural comeback. But another line (“…Not to solve a problem like Maria”) is also relevant – as made such a large deficit in the account and why at the end did not deter the “plus 2” in their favor?

Perhaps, the desire to show the best qualities are so obsessed team of Boris Chizhov, in the debut of the “Spanish party” they tried risky moves. Well, as a guest, using the power of their leaders, won the arts and at the slightest cracks (used we “5-1”) was pushing the line back to the defenders. First of all, it concerns the left Welterweight Alexandrina Cabral. By the way, her full name includes the appendage – Barbosa. If you take the root of the Greek (barbaros) is a wanderer. But, it turned out, very your among friends.

However, knows all about her captain the national team of Ukraine Viktoriya Borshchenko – the gift, whether that was for “Rostov-don”, and extracting various trophies-2017. Overall, Vick was not less but even more striking figure than her “wonderful neighbor”. Another issue is that weather changes did not happen immediately. Mistress of the site, as always, actively supported by the public, many are not implemented when it was most needed. In handball have not completed! Well, once puzzled opponents who replaced Irina Kompaniets. Well, drove the first line of Spaniards to go to the “penalty box” Lara Ortega – so she conceived of Carlos weaver and changed as the destroyer in his rear Macarena Aguilar from the German “Turingery” more than necessary to attack. Especially the blue and yellow already by the time prescribed for two of the two minutes hate, and both Lily Goralski performing the defense mission of the breakwater.

By the way, opinions about solutions Michael Martirena and Evangelos Serepisos – divided. Our head coach in conversation with the correspondent “SE” gently went from discussion of the arbitrators. Maybe wisely, for justice too, for press monitors and communicates with each other. We are one of their specific housing will fall further, and suddenly, with sympathy? As the old saying goes: we do not need the referees ‘ help, the main thing – do not interfere let them to win.

…And to win it was problematic. Again, after the neutral digits 5:5 we flew seven in a row. It is time to crumble, but! The second half turned the game on its head. Said I did not, and the official website of the NGF, adding, saying that “Ukraine managed to not only recover, but lead three minutes before the final whistle”. That is, the more Spain hardly put himself “in kind of a comfortable position ahead of the return leg”. And this is the most important pursuit (note that Catch up is possible, if desired, translated as “catch”) headed by Judit Balogh. It would seem that the rotation of the goalkeepers – it is commonplace. While here, a hundred we got it right.

The pupil of the Transcarpathian handball literally started grabbing shots of the Spanish handball players, including point blank. And that happened when our “lost” linear guests Elizabeth Chavez from French “Fleury Loire”. In addition, the goalkeeper is extremely difficult to get at “minus 6” before the break. But this iron lady of the Hungarian “Kisvarda” (like, wrapped up its transfer of the “VAC”) proved that the fiction Department is all on the same floor.

And now, the blue and yellow time to return from the attack, becomes clearer raspasovka Anna Radish, is very important balls to put the target “on a kernel” Julia snopova (just left for the removal our playmaker), > Smiling and raised from the bench Olga Peredery, whose defensive Duo with Yulia Andreychuk, with Kompaniets cemented the Central portion. Borshchenko all fired in series, and one drove the ball with incredible spin (looking ahead to 20:21). It is not only arithmetic. In the end, as another review of NGF, the Austrian was not enough in Romanian Oradea ten (!) goals Patricia Kovacs and nine – Sonia Frey. Vick also took friends with me, and has not hit the goalkeeper from six metres as in the penultimate minute of the first half.

Goal black Cabral did was, handicap quite hard – 17:10. Then there’s wrestling met Gorelesque, but nothing happened. Peredery earned the right to “Semitic” and Borshchenko relaxed cheated Darley, Zokbi, “voronitsu” Montenegrin “Buducnost”. Despite the annoying “bar”, Kompaniets distinguished interception, after which the Radish did 13:17. She also, incidentally, scored in the 45th minute 19:19. No, it was not yet the pendulum of fortune because Mar Manga from another French company “Brest Brittany” issued a new handicap – 21:19.

Then, the above-mentioned “focus Borshchenko”. And with a mark of 21:22 – never a dull moment. Olga laiuk scored in his style (49th), save Balog, mini-feat, Zokbi in the “box” MC, but the same coin the girl answered Judith, solve design the extreme right Carmen Martin from the “standard”. Then what? Crazy shot from a corner from MC (friends, this is not a football field!), and Peredery in flight parallel to the platform displays our step – 23:22. And when the chronometer was listed 55.18, Yes “on the judicial hand,” snopova threw boldly and with support – 24:22. There is someone in the “salvation Army” to serve, huh?

…Weaver begged the same “signal of the passive” by the Greeks, and Martin ran away outright – 24:23. At the end of the 58th minute reminded myself Cabral. This is the current draw. Following its passage in 1.06 before the siren still “ate” Balogh. We have another property! For half a minute to interchange a logical time-out owners. The most vociferous were the President of the FSI Andrew Miller, who is with the label “D” spent the match on the coaching exchange. Alas, one imprecise discount Smiling – MC, and the team of weaver smiles to counter the attack. Make no mistake – they charged throw Cabral, but she missed. Apparently, under hypnosis Balogh. Well, his own party, as in the song of Boris Potemkin, our first room played “the clarinet and trumpet”.

Boris CHIZHOV, head coach of Ukraine:

– Frankly speaking, Spain is the favourite in our pair. At least by right of the Vice-Champions of Europe-2014, bronze medalist of the Olympics in London 2012 and the 2011 world Championships. However, we with Valery Vojnalovich and leadership of the Federation strongly urged the girls: you can fight and beat. The beginning of the game in Sumy recalled the first match of the November selection in Slovakia, the same excitement, confusion, and then overcoming. I realized that within myself already. And now a completely different height. But the questions in terms of dedication, no, I’m in the middle of some skill no doubt. The second half is probably the best for the team for many seasons. Have you noticed how moved to the protection of “6-0” blocked threat?

Yeah, Carlos weaver in an interview with his organization called Ukraine “a harsh enemy.” And yet, our win was so close…

Sure, but this is a matter of experience and constant practice in such battles. The Spanish flu according to the composition act good five or six seasons, spot spotting his individual performers. Our fellows are tolerated and, as we say, stood. Referring to – stood his ground. Therefore, there is a fracture. But the ending played a little with a lower concentration. It is also understandable.

– The role of Judit Balogh is difficult to overestimate?

– You know, since she helped out so much, why not retake a couple of balls in “your” corner? I agree – require beyond measure. And so, well done in all senses.

– To ask you about the away game – too much?

– Replied. But seriously, the important task is to keep the same spirit and will. To be the team that is able to surpass himself.

Eugene KAREL, Sport-Express in Ukraine

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