The selection of the 2017 world Championships: a Look at the Pyrenees mountains from the Park of boulders

Saturday. DS Minsk “Uruchcha”. Belarus – Ukraine – 34:31. Point guard guests Anna RADISH takes the ball from a rigidly configured Natalia WASILEWSKA. Photo:

The playoffs

Behind the Belarusian sparring, 9 and 14 June, Ukrainian handball players waiting for a major test of the season – fights with Spain.

I must say that initially, the parties discussed the combined variant – the first meeting in Minsk open, the next day “technical version 3 times 20 minutes,” and without an audience. However, he returned to the standard, although live broadcasts still abstained.

That same Friday, when the blue and yellow will take Spanish in Sumy, Belarusian girls will play their away match in the Montenegrin town of Bar. Apparently, the extra information opponents considered undesirable.

BELARUS – UKRAINE – 34:31 (15:17)

Belarus: Kumpel, Burduk, Nikitina; Emelianenko (2), Wasilewska (5), Lobach (4), Artukovic, Kotin (1), Nesteruk (3), Masho (4), Dronova (2), Trizno (3), Silitski (2), Shamanovska (2), Ilyin (4), The Ozolin (2).

Ukraine: Timoshenkova, Gilyazetdinova, Balogh; Volovnik (3), Snopova (6), Radish (8), Peredery (5), Andreychuk (1), MC (4), Glibc (1), Smiling (1), Kompaniets, Chumak, Umanets, Laiuk (2).

Seven: 4 (3) – 2 (1).

Penalty time: 2 – 2.

Judges: ‘yanchik, Trofimenkov (both from Belarus).

June 3. Minsk. DS “Uruchcha”. 150 spectators.

Once, in the mid-1960s, as the reader is getting used to sporting periodicals, I caught an important point inherent in handball. The words were simple and clear – “Account has varied since”. It turns out that our Minsk colleague Victor Kozyulin should such a tradition now.

Even without special requests, he brought us a digit string, which becomes obvious – Saturday’s game had equal chances. So, from the hosts – 0:1, 2:2, 2:4, 3:6 (11-I min.), 6:6, 8:9, 10:10, 12:14, 14:17 – 16:17, 18:18 (35- I), 20:22, 23:22 (39-I), 23:24, 27:29, 31:29 (52-I), 32:31, 34:31.

Could change the balance of forces, the accuracy of penalties? It is unlikely – Natalie Kotin hit the ball into the post, well guest made one mistake. Captain Viktoriya Borshchenko (by the way, the winner of the EHF Cup in the club “Rostov-don”) not managed to outwit the goalkeeper of HC “Gomel” Valentina Kumpel. By the way, the Slovenian coach of the Belarusian Tomar Chater gave to show themselves in equal shares to the three goalkeepers. Eight minutes before the break, the post took up her teammate Lily Burduk, 41 minutes and until it stops under a hail of our shots was the resident of Minsk Olga Nikitina from BNTU.

Interestingly, Nikitin fell into the stream extremely timely: it saves the created fracture at the border of the final quarter. Reason, according to “Pressball”, she landed one of the best of his team. Along with playing under contract in Romania and the familiar Ukrainian fans of linear Anastasia Lobach (once played for “Galychanka” under her maiden name Kamenshchikova), its namesake – the left Welterweight Metropolitan polytechnics, Matgo, plus right inside Natalia Wasilewska of the Hungarian “Békéscsaba”. The latter has received a real prize from the organizers.

In the Ukrainian national team similarly noted Anna Radish, with its reputation as the main playmaker of gomelchanin – absolutely amazing. And 8 goals – the best result among all participants of the meeting! For the company, as whispered all the same, Viktor Kozyulin, has been named Julia snopova and Olga Peredery. She had an additional burden, because the collection is not entirely treated by the trauma came another linear Goralska Lily, and our staff decided to keep.

BELARUS – UKRAINE – 32:24 (16:9)

Belarus: Kumpel, Nikitina Burduk; Emelianenko (2), Wasilewska (1), Lobach (3), Artukovic (1), Kotina (1), Nesteruk (4), Masho (6), Dronova, Trizno (3), Silitski (4), Shamanovska (2) Yaschuk (1), Ilin (1), The Ozolin (3).

Ukraine: Timoshenkova, Balogh, Gilyazetdinova POAG-Bobal; Volovnik (1), Snopova (1), Radish (2), And Peredery (2), Box (3), MC (3), Glibc (5), Laiuk (5), Andreychuk, Smiling (2), Stryukove.

Seven: 3 (3) – 5 (2).

Penalty time: 4 – 2.

Judges: Lobanovsky, Ants (both from Belarus).

June 4. Minsk. DS “Uruchcha”. 100 spectators.

…The Uruchye district now famous for an updated arena for three-and-a-bit thousands of places. But not only that. Many Kiev housing estate, including much more populated Troyeshchina and Borshchagovka, he will give odds in the main – come to metro ten years ago. However, women’s handball pilgrimage was not felt, but in vain. The ladies team of Internet chatter professes tactically astute and flexible style.

Anastasia Masha “repeated” in the select group at this time. But also came to the fore guard of the Polish “Koszalin”, and the aforementioned Valentina Nesteruk Kumpel. She had to play half, issuing on-mountain 50% reliability. However, “penal” from Irina Glibko parried her smenschitsa Nikitin. That did not stop the Ira, along with Olga laiuk to be among the best. Well, Peredery tore a modest windfall from the jury.

In General, the plot is a re-match was developed by the Belarusian libretto. Judge for yourself – 3:3 (8-I), 8:4, 11:5 (15-I), 13:6, 13:8, 16:9 – 19:9, 21:10 (37-I), 24:15, 24:18 (47-I), 27:20, 30:21, 32:24. In defense, sort of, picked up and Wasilewska, and Diana Ilyin from the great “FK Vardar”. But many of their friends have become stones of stumbling for guests. The gift, whether that attraction is Uruchcha “Museum of boulders”…

But seriously, the girls slightly outnumbered by teamwork, in particular, their figure is not affected by two-day respite granted Caterham leading conductor of his ensemble Karin Iacovou of the Hungarian “Debrecen”. Boris Chizhov, in the sense of “start”, an amendment was made on the position of the left Welterweight did not start “Turk” Julia Andrijchuk, and Irina Kompaniets from Karpaty. This time, not out on the field Elena Umanets, and knee problems led her and the brackets Sumy clips. You probably the question – and enough Primo, going downhill on a Spanish bullfight?

Well, here it is time to run the application the Iberian squad. There teammate Vicki MC – Alexandrina Cabral and the accomplice Anastasia Lobach “Bucharest” Carmen Martin, and “the French” Elizabeth Chavez, Mar Manga and Maria Nunez, star of the Bundesliga Macarena Aguilar from “Turingery”, Lara Gonzalez of the Danish “Esbjerg”. There is no shortage Carlos weaver and in the purely Spanish envoys.

– Carefully study all the available videos, said in an interview with “SE” head coach of Ukraine Boris Chizhov. – Of course, in the Spanish national team is highly renowned, experienced master. It’s not news. However, again, more importantly, in what conditions we will approach the matches in Sumy and Malaga.

– How useful were the matches against Belarus and to weigh whether the loss of these friendlies?

Not just useful, but essential. We better see the contours of the game. Indeed, in Koncha Zaspa we had so much training with a full load, plus two parties. On gentle mode for Goralski you know. Count on Ilona Gaikovaya, but the day before departure to Minsk she got sick, and our doctor Stanislav Prokopovich recommended to take a break in order to avoid complications.

With regard to the role of the extreme right, Yevhen Levchenko is out for a long time, and in support of Natalia Volovnik invited Ekaterina Chumak from the Turkish “Yenimahalle” (Ankara) is, by the way, the club and Olga laiuk in the current season. However, Minsk is not so much Katya was involved. Well, the results – Yes, could be better. However, the question was in the schemes of defense and attack. Then there were promising moments.

– What is the attitude of the girls in anticipation of such a complex test-Pyrenees?

We with Valery Vojnalovich always pay close attention to this topic. Now, on the background of exhaustion after the domestic championship and superiority of foreign countries the players were able to support each other. The very fact that they stayed together, they brought this “Tagar” – will benefit. The task is to show their best qualities, and their strong nature no doubt.

Eugene KAREL, Sport-Express in Ukraine

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