The selection CHE-2018 (U-19): AND again – Suprega!


Group 12

2nd round

UKRAINE – NORWAY – 2:1 (1:1)

Goals: Holland, 8 (0:1). Faye-Lund, 16, own goal (1:1). Supryaga, 84 (2:1).

Ukraine: Kucheruk, Avramenko, Cooper, Mikolenko, Biscuit, Belyaev, Haklev (Drishlyuk, 70), Kornienko, Kozyrenko (Kaschuk, 72), Bulatsa (Remeniuk, 89), Suprega.

Norway: Faye-Lund, K. Borchgrevink, Salt, T. Borchgrevinki, Eligor, Olsen, Vigor (Bohinen, 87), Vetlesen, Aguda (Markovic, 61), Svendsen (Hauge, 70), Holland.

Penalties: T. Borchgrevinki, 22. Haklev, 34. Astigar, 52. Drishlyuk, 76. Vetlesen, 80. Supryaga, 88 (warning).

Judge: Rainville (France).

7 Oct. Games. The city stadium.

Before the start most believed that it will be a game for first place in the group. Well, Norwegians win over Ukraine really would guarantee first place. We win the Scandinavians – no. Mixed map Montenegrins, unexpectedly beaten in the match that started two hours earlier, Albanians, whose chances looked better and played better.

But that’s football. In this match bookies give the advantage of the microscopic charges Aleksandra Petrakova.

However started our with that they are splashed cold shower terrible Erling Breut Holland who opened the scoring in the 8th minute. But balance was restored quickly. After a long-range strike one of the players in yellow-blue ball hit the crossbar and bounced in the back of the Norwegian goalkeeper Julian faye-Lund. From it – in gate. The referee chose to write it as an own goal.

Then I walked approximately equal game with slight advantage of the Ukrainians. We paid for 90 minutes, 11 shots (3 on target), the opponent – 7 (2). The end came closer to the finish line. As in starting the game with Albania, the winning goal was scored 17-year-old striker “Dnipro-1” Vladislav Suprega.

But the victory over Norway is not a guarantee even second place. The defeat of Ukraine in the final round from Montenegro will create a “twist” between the three teams will have to count the balls in games between them. I hope that it will not come.

Eugene BELOZEROV, Sport-Express in Ukraine

Montenegro – Albania – 1:0 (vukotić, 70 – from a penalty).


1. UKRAINE 2 2 0 0 3-1 6

2. Norway 2 1 0 1 4-2 3

3. Montenegro 2 1 0 1 1-3 3

4. Albania 2 0 0 2 0-2 0

3rd round. 10 Oct. Montenegro – UKRAINE, Albania – Norway.

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