The secrets of making masks for the growth and strengthening of nails

Any treatments for nails from time to time spoil the nails and skin around them. Because any gel Polish and building later requires a long recovery nails.
In Cosmopolitan told how to properly care for your nails and what kind of mask would be helpful for their recovery.
Wax sealing
This unconventional care is one of the types of treatment Japanese wax manicure that you can do at home. For this you need to RUB 15-25 grams of beeswax, melt it in a water bath, and when it becomes pliable and slightly warm, RUB it into each nail and massage gently.

The second option is massage blend for nails made of wax, honey and some natural oils (it is best to take the oil from the apricot seed). Melt the wax in a water bath, then add the butter, and after a few minutes remove from fire, not forgetting to stir. When the mixture has cooled a bit – add the honey.
This mask should be done every night. After 2 weeks nails will be more shiny, strong, will cease to exfoliate.
Mask of sea salt and iodine
Dissolve in a glass of warm water 1 tablespoon sea salt. Add the 3-4 drops of solution of iodine. The mixture must be rubbed with a cotton swab to the nail and do this procedure several times a day – this will make nails strong, accelerate their growth and eliminate stratification.

Also in the mix can add a few drops of essential oil of lemon – it will help to lighten the nail plate.
The mask of lemon juice
Lemon juice is probably one of the best natural remedies for the care of damaged nails. Juice whitens them, strengthens and gives a healthy glow.

First option: attach 2 slices of lemon to the nails for 10 minutes. Second option: mix lemon juice with honey in equal proportions and RUB into the nail plate. Rinse after 20 minutes. After two procedures should be applied to the fat nourishing cream. This is a good tool for quick recovery of the nails.

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