The secret notebook of terrorists: what are you scared the American media

Imagine this situation. You came to two of your ally in the fight against terrorism. Tomorrow they go on the plane home. You know (you reported this exploration of one of the allied States) that the Board may be suicide-bombers which has in your hand Luggage or a laptop or tablet stuffed with deadly explosives. Will you tell about it to your comrades-in-arms or not? “Of course, Yes!” — you will answer.

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Well, if you so, how would declassify the secret laptop of igilance? (LIH — a banned terrorist organization). “Anyway, Yes!” again you will answer, moreover, that these two people — diplomats and little-that make sense in such a sophisticated technology.

Does this mean that you betrayed your Motherland? Of course not. Most likely you saved ISIL from their colleagues.

The situation I described is not hypothetical. It is associated with the White house visit of foreign Minister Lavrov and Russian Ambassador to US Kislyak, after which the American media sounded the alarm of the tramp discovered the Russian secrets gilowska laptop. To conjecture the rest, no labor is not! What is there to invent? The fact that the US does not allow for a potential of ISIS with equipment from eight countries, leaving from 10 airports? Or the fact that all the electronics, which, though slightly more mobile phones, forcing passengers to put in your Luggage? For any scout, and even for good well-trained dog is a pound of raisins.

Let’s go further. Wednesday, may 17, American and European officials met in Brussels to discuss safety in the air after the U.S. state Department and the Department of homeland security stated that they consider the prohibition to carry laptops in the cabins of aircraft, commits a transatlantic flight. This decision was taken after the European Union and the European Commission demanded the classification of any new restrictions. “To do this they made the threat of terrorists”, — writes the newspaper the New York Times.

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As stated by the press on condition of anonymity, one of the senior members trompowsky administration, some European countries received internal data on the evolving threat to aviation security. The terrorist group, said these officials, develop all sorts of innovations, including the installation of explosives on the electronic devices of consumer goods.

A senior official of the European Union also confirmed that the Americans have shared information about what lies behind the reports on upcoming restrictions.

Back in March, that is long before the visit of the Russian diplomats, the White house, the United States and Britain banned passengers who use certain airports, to make the cabin all the same shrill laptops and tablets. Official sources report that the restrictions was taken after Western intelligence determined that ISIL is developing a bomb that can be hidden in hand Luggage.

But, apparently, in Europe I think and about business. The new rules, there is fear, can cause havoc at airports and on airlines. We are talking about one of the busiest air traffic corridors! Here’s some figures confirming the above. Last year 31 million passengers flying from Europe to USA is the official data of the Association of air transport (AVT), which represents 265 airlines.

It came down to the fact that some airlines forbid the servants to check out laptops passengers, fearing that otherwise their owners might lose important information or it is stolen.

And again. According to aviaexperts, entire such amount of electronics in the baggage compartments of the aircraft may increase the risk that lithium-ion batteries will self-ignite.

Tuesday, 16 may, CEO ED Alexander de Junak gave the Council an official American and British officials “to avoid concentration of batteries running on lithium, in the baggage compartments of the aircraft.” In a letter to the Minister of internal security of the United States and Violeta Balk, the European Commissioner for transport, de Junak writes that the current us ban on large electronic devices on flights from the Middle East and North Africa negatively affected 50 flights daily. If the ban were to be imposed on Europe, will be affected 390 are also daily flights that will fly passengers $11 billion a year.

Mr de Junak writes that there are alternatives to such expensive hunting equipment, including systems which “convict” of people using explosives, requiring passengers to take their laptops to check, using the “best friends” person — dogs specially trained to sniff out explosives.

According to the joint statement issued after the Brussels meeting, the Americans and the Europeans plan to meet next week in Washington to discuss the technical side of this problem.

So what are the secrets revealed President trump our Minister Lavrov? Of such secrets to say, “In secret around the world”. All that is written here is excerpted from the open the American press. We have certain departments that are watching what is happening on international flights. And then the mathematics does not go beyond 2×2=4. Another thing, how to handle terrorists their laptops. But that, I’m sure, knows the President trump. He is by profession a developer, not a techie.

That’s why I toss her law was old, ready to protect the President of trump in any American court, not even using… laptop. As stated: “Victory will be ours!”

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