The scandals of the 2018 Olympic sled Manzie, “Russian arms” Abramenko and Crimea Mustache

In 2018, the issue of sport and politics has escalated almost more just lately, which caused many scandals. Ukrainian athletes were forbidden, not recommended, and then allowed to go to the competition in Russia. The past year has given the thesis of “sport above politics”. Like it or not – time will tell.
Abramenko in the arms of a Russian athlete

29-summer nikolayevets Alexander Abramenko won for Ukraine at the winter Olympics in Pyeongchang (South Korea) historical and only gold medal in freestyle. This important win made the so-called “zradu.” The Ukrainian champion after victory was embraced by the Russian Ilya Burov for the podium winners.


The Ukrainian community was divided in their opinions. On the one hand Abramenko glorified the Ukrainian flag. On the other, hugged the representative of the country, which Ukraine calls an aggressor.

Gesture Abramenko provoked the discussion of this important theme of “sport above politics”. The way many athletes often overlap in competition and obviously they have to communicate. In particular, the athletes could get acquainted before the aggression of Russia against Ukraine. However, because of political considerations, for example, held football matches between Ukrainian and Russian clubs. So the question is, where politics ends and begins the sport?

Garage sled

The Olympic games are just one scandal is not over. Ukrainian Luger Andrew Manzi, who defended the honor of the “blue-yellow” flag at the Olympics-2018 in Pyeongchang, admitted that his sleigh he’s doing in the garage. In the first race at the Olympic games Manzi, unfortunately, flew off his sled but managed to complete the attempt. He further improved the results, but the incident at the start did not allow him to reach the final.

It’s not a myth, Sani do at home in the garage, as seen in the photo, and they started at the Olympic games. The Federation received the runners – 1200 euros, brackets – 290 euros, two pairs of rubber bands at 30 euros – 60 euros. Last year they were gathered completely at their own expense. There are still 20 GB of video of the creation process of the sleigh, if not enough photos,
– wrote Manzi in social networks.

Photo: social networks

The word athlete was addressed to the Minister of sports of Ukraine Igor Zhdanov and his adviser Pavel Bulgakov. The latter in response to criticism from many journalists and commentators of the Olympic winter games in Pyeongchang for poor preparation of athletes posted copies of the documents with the list of equipment inventory, equipment that was purchased for the Ukrainian athletes only in 2017 in preparation for the Pyeongchang-2018.

Total procurement amounted to about 20 mln.

If we are talking about Luge, it is very strange to hear false statements on the air of Ukrainian TV channels that the government and the Ministry of sports, supposedly, does not help the Luge, but athletes allegedly have to gather their sleds from scrap in garages. This is not true,
– wrote Zhdanov.

Later, after seeing the comment Manzie, Ihor Zhdanov and his Advisor Paul Bulgak has promised to investigate the situation and to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Scandal named Valentina Semerenko

Ukrainian biathlete Valentina Semerenko, which was not included in the composition of the relay Quartet at the Olympics, blamed the coaching staff for the collapse of the team. Valentine also said that when the formation of a team for the relay was not respected the principle of sport.

Semerenko believed that if Merkushina and Pidhrushna had no control training for a place in the relay, she would also be able to participate in it, even sacrificing the race with a mass start.


The athlete complained that the coaches Uros Velepec and Oleg Merkushin (father of Anastasia Merkushina) were happy that the team did not fall Olena Pidhrushna and Olga Abramova, who competed at the IBU Cup.

The coach even meeting is not held and not reported, why it threw me. What Varvynets that Merkushina were not part of the relay. All races held worse than me. So painful and sad, when they lie you in the eye. I even Urosh wrote: and hold a meeting, explain. He was scared. Believe me, now I just won’t shut up. It’s a shame when you break your dream, your work
– wrote the athlete.

Women’s team of Ukraine biathlon failed biathlon 4×6 km relay at the winter Olympics in South Korea’s Pyeongchang finishing in 11th place. It is possible that internal conflicts and strife affected the result. All Ukraine could take some awards in biathlon.

Ban athletes attend competitions in Russia

The Ministry of youth and sport of Ukraine in April issued an order which banned the Fund at the expense of the state budget the participation of athletes in competitions on the territory of Russia.

Given the autonomy of sport and the Olympic Charter, I can’t physically prevent travel of athletes and coaches to competitions abroad. So legally, we clarified this point in the order, and banned state funding for the participation of national teams of Ukraine in competitions on the territory of the aggressor country,
– wrote the Minister Zhdanov in Facebook.

At the same time, the Minister argued that “the essence of the decision it does not change”. He stressed that the Ministry he is unchanged in his position categorically against the participation of national teams in competitions in Russia.

Igor Zhdanov. Photo: Editor-In-Chief

Ukrainian Greco-Roman wrestler, Olympic medalist in Rio Jean Beleniuk complained that he was forbidden to go to Russia. Beleniuk told me that he spent a lot of resources on training, and was forbidden to go before the competition. A month earlier, before the decree of the Ukrainian team in biathlon missed the world Cup in the Russian city of Tyumen. Do not travel to the competition in Russia, the Ukrainian tennis player Elina Svitolina.

In turn, the Ukrainian chess player, Maria Muzychuk took the world chess championship held in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia. Ukrainian lost in the semifinals to Russian and was also criticized by many fans.

In the end, the IOC has held talks with the Ukrainian government, which has banned its athletes to participate in tournaments in Russia. After talks between the IOC and Ukraine, it was decided to cancel harsh decision.

The Russian coach of women national team of Ukraine on biathlon

Another scandal has not spared the national team of Ukraine in biathlon. In particular, the women’s team topped Russian Andrey Prokunin. His appointment met with criticism, saying he is most famous for the fact that in 2009 were caught doping. He found in the blood erythropoietin. Observers were surprised that the biathlon Federation of Ukraine during the war with Russia and invited Russian coach.

Photo: R-Sport, RIA Novosti

However, the FBU its decision have not changed. According to the President of FBU Vladimir Brynzak, after a bad experience of inviting foreign expert, it was decided to take the coach from the former Soviet Union. Prokunin continues to work with Ukrainian, and the wave of criticism subsided somewhat.

The procession of UMTS MT and Lomachenko

One of the best boxers the world regardless of weight categories Ukrainian Vasyl Lomachenko on his page in social networks called to join the religious procession of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Moscow Patriarchate (UOC-MP).

“The biggest procession of Ukraine for the anniversary of the 1030-th anniversary of the baptism of Rus will take place on Friday 27 July in Kyiv. Together with Metropolitan Onufry of tens of thousands of believers prayer will be held from the monument to Prince Volodymyr in the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra. Beginning at 13.00. Don’t miss it!”– like this post in Facebook posted Lomachenko.

Social networks exploded with outrage. They say that worthless Ukrainian boxer to support the Moscow Patriarchate should not mix sports and religion.

Ukrainian jumper in the annexed Crimea

Ukrainian diver, bronze medalist of Olympic games 2008 Alexey Prigorov took part in competitions on extreme sports in the occupied Crimea. The tournament was held on August 18 in the village of Simeiz near Yalta. The participants jumped into open sea jumping, mounted at a height of 27 meters.

Alex Prigorov. Photo: Getty images

In spite of the sanctions for the participation in the tournament came to a lot of foreigners were representatives of USA, UK, France, Colombia, Mexico and even Ukraine.

As reported on his Twitter page the representative office of MFA of Russia in the Crimea, the gold at the x games Cliff Diving World Cup was won by Briton Gary hunt, silver – Ukrainian Alexei Prigorov, bronze – American Kyle Mitrione.



The Tendril – Moscow – Crimea

Ukrainian boxer Alexander Usik in 2018 has faced criticism, which perhaps not wish a single enemy. The absolute world champion in the ring its own and health glorifying the Ukrainian flag. At home still it mercilessly criticized. First of all, many in Ukraine are interested in the position of Alexander regarding the status of Crimea – whose Crimea? Russian, or Ukrainian. Some journalists have even provoked Moustache, asking sharp questions. However, the boxer has found the answer. Of patriotism, of Alexander, needless to say. All proven in the ring.

The second event that shook not only Boxing fans, but also politicians – the fight against Russia’s Murat Gassieva. Many people were worried about not the name of the opponent and the chances of the Ukrainian and location – Moscow. Ukrainians are divided into two categories: Mustache – hero because he defeated the Russians in Moscow, where he was raised the Ukrainian flag and Ukrainian anthem sounded. And the second category – “nothing to go to Moscow”. Some even reproached Alexander, why didn’t he danced hopak in Moscow, shouted the traditional Patriotic slogan “Glory to Ukraine”.

Photo: Twitter

If Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman after the battle, wanted to give the Crimea the title of hero (Mustache immediately refused the award when they found out about it), Vice Prime Minister Vyacheslav Kyrylenko said that because of the performances of Ukrainian athletes in Russia, it is difficult to prove to the world the aggression of the latter. Thus, during the first weeks of the historic victory of Alexander faded into the background.

In addition, the parties touched upon the religious beliefs of the Tendril. In particular the fact that boxer supports the UOC-MP. In light of the process of the struggle for autocephaly Alexander looked for some ugly duckling. He remembered all the sins. For example, what he gave to the Metropolitan of the UOC-MP Onufry of Boxing gloves. However, all this did not prevent the boxer to win the next fight Tony Bellew.


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