The sad statistics 2018 – the police caught 300 drunk drivers every day

In 2018, the police recorded more than 110 000 cases of management of intoxicated drivers. In 2017 this figure exceeded 114 000.

Such data announced by the first Deputy head of patrol police Department of Ukraine Oleksiy Beloshitskiy. “The numbers speak for themselves. I can only once again be noted that while drivers will get behind the wheel drunk and ignore all the rules, until then we will stop, identify, prosecute. Until we reduce this problem in our country. Now, it’s one of our goals and we will make every effort to achieve it,” he writes on his page in FB.

“By the way, the year has just begun and we already have over 4,000 is composed of materials for management in a state of intoxication. Please enjoy responsibly. Be conscious. And remember what’s at stake is your life and health… and not just yours,” added Mr. Beloshitskiy.

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