The Russians officially refused to participate in the “Evrovidenii-2017”

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The state of the Russian “First channel” officially announced the refusal to participate in song contest “Evrovidenie-2017” and broadcast it on Russian territory.

“The first channel received a letter from the European broadcasting Union with the message that the EMU failed to resolve the problem. In his message, the Eurovision organizers refer to the decision of intelligence agencies of Ukraine”, – said the Russians. They said that they deemed “unacceptable” options for Russian participation in the contest, suggested EMU. In particular, we are talking about remote participation Samoilova, or its replacement by another artist.

“In this situation, the First channel does not broadcast the Eurovision song contest-2017”, – said the representatives of the channel.

It is worth noting that participation in “Eurovision-2017” in Kiev, the Russians chose the singer Yulia Samoylova with 1st group of disability. However, it turned out that she previously without the permission of Kiev visited the annexed Crimea, thereby violating Ukrainian legislation. As a result, the Ukrainians have decided to ban Samoilova entry into its territory.

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