The Russians occupied the podium, three Ukrainian women were in the top 20 pursuit at the IBU Cup

Ian Cooper took the twentieth place in the pursuit /

Three Ukrainian biathletes were in the top 20 pursuit race at the sixth stage of the IBU Cup in Swiss Lenzerheide.

After the sprint Nadezhda Belkina started the fourth with backlog from the leader in 47 seconds, but two errors on the second and fourth loops dropped her down to seventh place in the pursuit. Maria Kruchov also ranked in the top 10 of the sprint, but had three penalties in standing and fell back in the second dozen. Only one Ukrainian Yana Bondar has not lost a single position in comparison with the starting room and, as in the sprint, became the twentieth.

The podium was occupied by three Russian women. The victory went to Ulyana Causeway, the second place – the leader of the overall Victoria Slivko, and the third – Valeria Vasnetsova.

The IBU Cup. Lenzerheide. Persut. Women

1. Uliana Kaisheva (1+0+0+0) 32:45,5

2. Victoria Slivko (0+2+0+0) +37,6

3. Valeria Vasnetsov (0+0+1+1) +56,2

9. Nadezhda Belkina (0+2+0+2) +2:02,9

14. Maria Kruchov (0+0+2+1) +2:54,5

20. Jan Bondar (1+1+1+2) +4:17,1

We will remind, Maria Kruchov together with the first team going to the world Cup in Canmore.

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