The Russian state Duma finally adopted the law about the isolation of the Internet

The Russian state Duma on 16 April adopted a law on “ensuring safe and sustainable functioning” of the Internet in Russia. The law provides for isolation of the Russian segment of the Internet.

According to this law, Russian authorities will be able to monitor the point of connection of Internet in the country with the outside world, according to the official website of the state Duma of the Russian Federation.

What the law provides? Russian authorities believe that the law will make impossible the danger of large-scale cyber attacks from the West. Therefore, the Runet will be disconnected from the global network only in emergency situations. The Russians can’t criticize in a network of actions of the government, or speak out against specific policies. According to lawmakers, materials that insulted the power is automatically fake.

The law stipulates the possibility of creating an infrastructure that will allow the Russian segment to work in isolation, if the operators will not be able to connect to the root servers of the Internet abroad.

Responsible for the operation of the Internet in the country will be Roskomnadzor.

What is the Roskomnadzor?This is a Federal body of Executive power of Russia, in fact, performs the functions of the censorship concerning the media and the Internet.

The law will come into force on November 1, 2019, but some of its provisions will apply from 1 January 2021. The cost of implementation of the law is estimated at 30 billion rubles.

The Russians are not enthusiastic about such a law. In three cities in Russia activists gathered at rallies for Internet freedom and against the adoption of the state Duma of the law on the isolation of the Russian segment. In Moscow the largest – attended not less than 15 thousand people is not without absurd arrests.

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