The Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine urged Constantinople to revoke the Tomos

The Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine has called on the Patriarchate of Constantinople to withdraw the Tomos of autocephaly of the Ukrainian Local Church.

“The actions of the Patriarchate of Constantinople caused great damage to the Ukrainian Orthodoxy. Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew needs to admit his mistake and work on fixing it”, – reads the statement of the Holy Synod of the Moscow Patriarchate on 3 April.

– This statement is a manifestation of the information war, says the Director of the Department of religious Affairs of the Ministry of culture of Ukraine Andriy yurash, 50 years. – It deliberately announced during the election, when the society was divided into two camps. This is another proof that the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine – polupoltina structure. Operates within the framework of the Moscow Imperial.

There is no procedure for recall of a Tomos. And the appeal to the Ecumenical Patriarch has no canonical Foundation. The Russians are trying to wishful thinking. It is a cry of despair. Understand that lose their positions.

The Moscow Patriarchate said that Tomos has caused a split. Constantinople knows that this allegation has nothing. Therefore will not take it into account. Autocephaly on the contrary opened up the possibility of all ukrainotsentrichnaya forces to unite. To the Local Church have already crossed more than 500 communities.

Does the status of the Ukrainian Church from political circumstances in the country?

– Tomos is the implementation of public request of Ukrainians. The Constantinople established its position. He understands that the political processes in Ukraine can not affect the formation of the Local Church. The elite of our country also understand this. If they try to resist the approval of ptsu, come into conflict with most of society. Neither conscious policies is not solved.


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