The revenues of the state budget of Ukraine in 2017 exceeds the rates of 18.9%

The revenues of the state budget of Ukraine in 2017 exceeds the rates of 18.9%



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The state budget for 2017 for 4 months. exceeded by 18.9%, due to special confiscation.

The revenues of the state budget of Ukraine in January-April 2017 amounted to 259,78 billion, which is 18.9% or by 41.21 billion, exceeds the performance time schedule, reported the State Treasury service on Wednesday.

According to its figures, compared to the same period in 2016, the revenue increased by 87,84 billion, or 51.1%, due to receipt April 28 30 billion (about $1.1 billion) into a special Fund from the special confiscation and the receipt in April to UAH 10 billion from the national Bank (which last year began to pay to the budget only in October).

The state Treasury said that last month the budget was 85,03 billion, which is 42.2 percent, or 25.24 billion UAH more than planned . Compared to April of last year, revenues increased almost twice – 98.7%, or 42,24 billion.

Tax revenues in January-April-2017 increased to Jan-APR-2016 24.8% – to UAH 109.5 billion, while customs – by 30.5%, to 91,07 billion. A temporary plan for the next four months of this year were exceeded respectively by 3.7% and 13.6%.

At the same time in April income taxes was below the previous year’s result of 7.6% and is below plan by 13.2% and constituted 18,48 billion.

The situation was saved by custom, where a growth by 27.3% from April of last year and 13.5% to the plan – 24,22 billion. In General, it is allowed to surpass the April plan for the SFS of 0.2%, and the rate of the last year by 9.4%.

The state Treasury said that after four months of this year, in reimbursement of VAT was paid 38,02 billion UAH, which is by 29.6% higher than four months of last year, including in April a refund made up 11.09 billion, which is 55.5% more than in April-2016.

The General Fund budget for Jan-APR-2017 was exceeded income by 6% and got 213,24 billion UAH, which is 31.5% better than the January-April 2016.

At the same time, in April the General Fund was narrowly missed by 6.3%, and its revenues 50,76 billion were 24.6% higher than last year.

The state Treasury also reported an increase in revenues of local budgets in the first four months of this year by 40.5% to the four months last year – up to 61,71 billion UAH, including in April they increased by 49.8% – to 18.08 billion.

Proceeds of the single social contribution (ERU) in April 2017 increased by April 2016 in 37.6% and made up 14.89 billion UAH, and in four months the increase in revenues of ERUs amounted to 31.6% to 53,73 billion.

As reported, the revenues of the state budget for 2017 is projected to total 731,03 billion UAH, expenses – 800,13 billion, respectively, 18.6% and 16.8% greater than the actual performance of the state budget in 2016.

The General Fund budget is scheduled to receive this year 673,74 billion and spend 739,71 billion UAH, having increased last year’s figures respectively by 17.2% and 15.1%.

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