The revelation of the deceased soldier PMC Wagner: explained how “involved” in Syria

The circumstances of the death of soldiers, “PMC Wagner” in Syria, while not completely clear, but the fact that on 7 February the Americans bombed a convoy in which was the Syrians and the Russians, can not be questioned — and that the column was moving to the plant CONOCО, control over which was interested in Russia. One of the victims — a former natsbol Kiril Ananiev, some time ago gave an interview, explaining why he went to Syria: “War sucks”.

Kiril Ananiev. Photo: social networks.

And colleagues told us about the victims.

– Unfortunately, among the dead and a member of our organization Kiril Ananiev – confirmed message, the co-Chairman of movement “the Other Russia» Alexander Averin. – Cyril – known national-Bolshevik (NBP banned in Russia – “MK”), an active participant in various activities. He is a Muscovite, from a happy big family. Cyril was a keen sense of justice. The guy strived to be at the forefront. For military service was not picked because he was actively involved in politics, participated in protests.

In 2014 he went to war as a volunteer in the Donbass. Spent two and a half years. The first was a mortar platoon commander, and then became commander of an artillery battalion. Serious injuries he was not only the concussion.

When I was accepted in the Minsk agreement, the artillery in the Donbass had nothing left to do. And Cyril went to Syria. Went there quite a lot of those who fought in the Donbass. Cyril was not a “daredevil” that adequately evaluated the risks associated with the war. The war, as they say, it “sucked”, it was interesting that a serious, masculine.

In Syria he fought in the last year. We often went with him on bond. On the fighting not talking, discussing mainly the events in Moscow. One time he came home on leave to Moscow and again went to Syria.

Knew Kirill, Ananiev and lawyer Dmitry Agranovsky.

– I still represent in the European court the interests of the wife of Cyril Anan’eva Olga Kudrina, – said Agranovsky. They, if you remember, the group climbed to the hotel and hung a poster with a big political slogan. Olga decided to judge for 3.5 years. However, the sentence she didn’t come. Cyril in protest against the conviction of the wife poured their blood porch OVD “Tver”. For this, in 2006 he was tried on charges of vandalism.

Kiril was in constant communication. Olga was forced to leave Ukraine. She and Cyril had a baby. Now it’s first and foremost a mother, and acts in the best interests of their child.

A turning point in the fate of Cyril was 2014. The NBP took an active part in the events in Donbass. The “left” is heavily inspired by. We have always stood for the integrity of the country. Who had the opportunity went directly to fight.

I absolutely understand the motives of Cyril. It is also obvious why he was in Syria, where the guys defended the interests of Russia. He knew if we squeeze Syria, the country will be in big trouble. He had Callsign “Moscow”.

Kiril Ananiev a year before his death gave an interview to the channel “Tornado info”. He spoke in detail about his attitude to the war. Basically Ananiev said about Donbass, but also mentioned Syria. Here is a portion of his statements.

“It is possible to live all your life in the war. At first it was, of course, gust: Odessa, was killed in the House of trade unions unhappy aunts, kids. Sin, unbearably creepy evil full-length. It ripped off and thrown, and not a military man, not served, all learned.

And then war sucks. Initially, the hate, the outrage, and then it just turns into a decent life. The original cause is no longer important, the hatred extinguished. Just the challenge, and any emotions get in the way. Task — good work, despite the opposition of the enemy. And you can live.

The Europeans, those from civil life came to (the war – “MK”), they’re in Europe then come as supermen. In Russia they still do not feel Russia has a lot of street violence, random situations, any extreme sports, and in Europe they look at their comrades as subhuman, because it can do everything.

Every man can fight. Wants to do it? This lifestyle is not for everyone. And someone liked it, someone is drawn – it is important to pace yourself through the routine.

First thoughts on the war at the first fire — God, not killed. And then I want the task to perform, all the boys survived is another matter…

I felt that the center of the events in Syria now. It turned out that for me, the war is a good place. Practice tasks many of all wisdom. But in Donetsk, everything was Vice versa on the downside. I thought in Syria, this is a military task…. As the training. Many people go to war, this is life and this experience.”

Vladimir Loginov. Photo: klops.ru

Died February 7 in Syria and member of the Cossack movement, 52-summer Vladimir Loginov from Kaliningrad. In the Baltic Separate Cossack District, said that Vladimir was born in Khabarovsk. At the time, graduated technicians of naval aviation Pioneer. Since 1994, almost 16 years, worked in the Department of internal Affairs of the Kaliningrad region. Then he worked in security structures. Four years ago, Vladimir Loginov joined the Cossack society was a centurion of the Cossack farm “Pregolsky”.

– Volodya, in fact, remained a Soviet man, says one of his friends. – He was nostalgic for the Soviet era. He fought for social justice. Its essence was the law. When the Cossacks went to fight in Syria, he followed them.

Stanislav Matveev. Photo: social networks

Among the dead — born in the Urals town of Asbest – Stanislav Matveyev and Igor Asaturov who fought as volunteers in the Donbass, and then went to Syria. On the page less, but the social network posted a photo of the monument to the dead children of Donbass and the video for the song “Yuri”.

Aleksey Ladygin. Photo: social networks.

Not coming home in Ryazan, Alexey Ladygin. Anonymous fighter “PMC Wagner” said on the social network: “on 7 February in Deir ezzor killed my comrade, my commander of a platoon of Lech “Gloomy”. In the composition of the airborne special forces, he participated in the Crimean events, worked under debaltseve”. Ladygin was placed on your page post: “We don’t have to win every battle, we simply must not lose, it is enough to fail fighting”.

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