The results of the investigation, Mueller raised questions: the US has split into two camps

Photo: FBI.

If Muller failed to find any standing dirt on trump, it would be the end of his presidency. Actually, in this search was the strategic rationale of undertaking the investigation. But there was a tactical purpose — the fact of suspicion a special relationship with the US President of Moscow, bordering on treason, in the eyes of many deprived trump legitimacy. And certainly an investigation Muller had to stand in the way of his re-election for a second term.

Democrats have approached this task thoroughly. There were essentially created an entire industry of anti trump. Its basic elements were the FBI and the Department of justice, another Washington bureaucracy — all that I have called Deep State. In the same camp turned out to be and the liberal press (which is 90% of the mainstream media), and, of course, politicians-Democrats. Add to that the numerous public relations firms, as well as part of the judiciary, army of lawyers and experts. Each of these cells has fueled other information, which is somehow compromised trump, whether the leaks of classified information from the FBI or the President’s administration, claims in the courts, appealed the decision of trump, and daily statements of politicians and experts about the obvious collusion of the President with Moscow.

All of this, endlessly publicized by the press, producing the effect of apparent guilt of trump and, accordingly, inevitable impeachment. Into this trap fell and the part of Republican politicians who agreed to the investigation in several congressional committees. What can we say about ordinary Americans who were fed these fabrications 24 hours a day all days of the week.

Democrats fired by Trump of all the guns. But, of course, in the center of media attacks was the investigation of spectacular. In two years the search of the crime to trump Mueller questioned under oath 500 people were charged with 32 of them, including twelve in absentia to our compatriots (mostly employees of “Olginsky Troll factory” for interfering in American elections). But what is remarkable: the people were accused of false testimony to the authorities, tax evasion, currency fraud — what you like, but not in collusion with Moscow.

The mechanism works with admirable simplicity: their victims Mueller caught on any of the listed crimes. And those to avoid jail time or at least reduce the punishment, agreed to a plea bargain and was ready to tell everything I know about trump. But as it turned out, none of them absolutely had nothing to say that would incriminate trump is in cahoots with Putin. However, each new defendant in indictment list Muller moved antithrombosis industry as another step towards exposing President.

“It is known that Muller gathered at trump’s murderous material, impeachment is inevitable,” only the lazy politician-Democrat not say this with the highest bleachers. In the same spirit were made by numerous experts and the press, predicting the imminent and very close to the end of trump. “Impeachment, impeachment, impeachment!”

But this story was a piquant circumstance. As already documented, the investigation of spectracolor Mueller was assigned on false grounds, in violation of the law, that is, its not supposed to be. It all started with the so-called “Russian dossier on trump’s” booked and paid pre-election camp of the Democrats. The dossier was dirt on trump’s allegedly incriminating him in a special relationship with the Kremlin and Putin. And although the FBI knew about the commercial nature of this dossier and the information contained therein, to put it mildly, looked doubtful, and certainly has not been anything confirmed, the FBI used the dossier in order to get special court permission to wiretap members of the team trump.

We used a very very dirty tricks. There were several leaks of the contents of the dossier to the press, and she has published these materials as their own private information obtained from independent sources. These publications, the FBI then presented to the special court in the validation dossier. Then on the basis of dossier data and wiretapping of the FBI, with the support of the Ministry of justice brought the case on trump and some of his election team in the hope of finding some incriminating evidence. The FBI opened the case later poured in the investigation Muller.

So, what made it all the Democrats? No doubt, they spoiled a lot of blood hated Trump, significantly complicating his work as President. Opponents of trump thoroughly vilified him in the eyes of voters (though mostly those that voted for Clinton). Reduced if the Mueller investigation, his chances for re-election? Hardly. As shown by recent surveys, most registered voters (54%) are considering the possibility to vote for the re-election trump. While 50% of Americans believe that this whole conspiracy is nothing more than a “witch hunt”.

In my opinion, hunting trump, Democrats dealt a devastating blow to his country. Using FBI and Department of justice as a political weapon, they challenged the faith of Americans in their legal system, by virtue of the law that dictates vnematelnost law enforcement. But if only that! Today, America is experiencing perhaps the strongest division of the society over the past half century. It is customary to blame trump, who in other of their statements and actions contributed to this discord. And certainly did nothing to overcome it. But no less, maybe even bigger wedge into the crack that divided the society, I believe, drove and continue to drive the Democrats and their press. They have taken the baiting of the President, tons of false accusations against him simply could not cause a response on the part of those who voted for trump.

And here many question arises: how is it that the leaders of the FBI and the Department of justice under Obama’s set of committed the crime of having misled the special closed court and received permission to wiretap American citizens that the law allows only in exceptional cases, when there is a strong base. But where are these serious reasons? All this lie led to the investigation of Mueller, worth $ 25 million. So why is this one not answered? There is another question: what about this knew Obama himself, not his direct or tacit agreement marked the beginning of the persecution of trump? There are still many other issues. Today they sound particularly loud, as the requirement to investigate the activities of law enforcement officers, it is not repeated in the future.

However, even caught in a lie, Democrats do not think to apologize. On the contrary, they have undertaken a new investigation at the level of the lower house of Congress. We don’t know what will lead these investigations. Perhaps, as in the question of collusion, absolutely nothing that would incriminate trump of the crime. But it doesn’t matter, the main thing — to pull the subject of the criminal nature of his presidency until the next election.

Needless to say, Donald trump is far from perfect character. Surely some of the claims by opponents are groundless. However, if anyone thought that “house of cards” is nothing more than fanciful imagination of the novelist having little relation to reality, the Democrats brilliantly proved the opposite.

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