The results of the entrance campaign 2017: lists – where and when to watch the results

Results and ranking lists of admission to the budget places in Ukrainian universities should publish by the end of the day on August 1. The opening campaign ended on July 26.
Opening campaign-2017 Ukraine lasted from 12 to 26 July.
The Ministry of education and science promised that the list of entrants will be announced at 12:00 on Tuesday, 1 August.
However, on the morning of 1 August on the Agency’s website appeared an official report that lists students who have received recommendations for admission to the budget places, will be published at 18:00.
As explained in the Ministry, all because for a long time think the so-called “rural rate”.
This decision was made because of the treatment admissions officers of universities with a request to provide them additional time to complete the validation of calculation of rural coefficient, – stated in the message.
Have Grinevich noted that last week during the verification of the MES was revealed numerous cases of unjustified appropriation by the selection committees of the universities of this factor.
Incorrectly calculated ratio coming from urban schools had to count to 22:00 on July 31.
Universities had until 13:00 on August 1 to introduce correct data.
Ranking lists of admission to the budget places, when they will be released, can be viewed on the website of the information system Competition.

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