The results of the day 19 January: Baptism of our Lord, farewell to the dead in Iran, and the virus in China

The results of the day 19 January: Baptism of our Lord, farewell to the dead in Iran, and the virus in China See photos (16)
07:15 Telegraph Today news of Ukraine:In “Borispol” the ceremony of farewell to the dead Ukrainians in Iran. Ukrainians and Orthodox Christians around the world celebrated the Baptism of our Lord. Medvedev explained why the Russian government has resigned. In Berlin hosted an international conference on Libya. In Ukraine sharply increased the unemployment rate. Iran decided not to give Ukraine “black boxes” PS752. Elizabeth II issued an official statement on the Dukes of Sussex.

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    The bodies of Ukrainians who died in the Boeing 737 crash in Iran, delivered to Ukraine. In “Borispol” held a farewell ceremony

    Jan 19, the bodies of Ukrainians who died in the Boeing 737 crash in Iran, delivered to Ukraine. At the airport “Borispol” they met top officials of the state and hundreds of Ukrainians, including relatives of the victims.

    January 8 after taking off from the Tehran airport. Imam Khomeini crashed the plane, “International airlines of Ukraine”. 11 January, Iran admitted that the airliner was accidentally shot down by the military.

    On Board were 176 people, all of them died. Among them, 11 Ukrainians, in particular, passengers Kobuk Olga and Elena Malakhova and nine crew members – pilots Aleksey Naumkin, Vladimir Gaponenko, Sergey Khomenko, flight attendants Catherine Statnick, Igor Malikov, Maria Mikityuk, Denis Lino, Valeriya Ovcharuk, Julia Sologub.

    16 January it became known that ended with the identification of the bodies of Ukrainians – experts of the Ministry of interior has received the DNA profile of the remains of 11 persons.

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    January 19 Ukrainians and Orthodox Christians around the world celebrated the Baptism of our Lord

    Christians of the Eastern rite Sunday, January 19, celebrated the Epiphany or baptism of Christ is the final feast of the Christmas-new year cycle.

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    Medvedev explained why the government resigned

    Former Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev explained the resignation of his government the task of political regeneration of the country and the time factor.

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    In Berlin hosted an international conference on Libya

    In Berlin opened an international conference on Libya, the results of which are expected to sign a joint document with 55 points.

    The conference will be attended by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, presidents of France Emmanuel macron, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Vladimir Putin, of Algeria, Abdulmajid Tabun, Egypt’s Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the Republic of Congo Denis Sassou-Nguesso; Prime Ministers of great Britain, Boris Johnson and Giuseppe Conte, crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al Nahyan, the US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, foreign Minister Yang Jiechi, Secretary-General of the UN Antonio Gutter, leaders of the European Union, the African Union and the League of Arab States, as well as representatives of the conflict parties – Libyan Prime Minister Faiz al-Sarraj and General Khalifa Haftar.

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    In Ukraine sharply increased the unemployment rate

    In December, 2019 in Ukraine was officially registered 338,2 thousand unemployed, 49.3 thousand more (17%) than in November 2019 (288,9 thousand). This follows from the statements published by the state statistic Committee.

    The number of vacancies in December dropped to 59 thousand (27% in November the number of vacancies amounted to 80,9 thousand), and the load of registered unemployed per vacancy totaled 6 persons (November – 4).

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    Iran decided not to give Ukraine “black boxes” PS752

    The head of the Commission for the investigation of aircraft accidents civil aviation Organization of Iran Hasan Rezaifar Sunday abandoned plans to send the flight recorders from the downed aircraft MAU abroad for analysis the next day after he said that they would be sent to Kiev.

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    Deadly virus in China

    The number of people who contracted a mysterious virus that has recently appeared in China, significantly higher than the official figures.

    Now the Chinese authorities have confirmed more than 60 cases of infection with this virus, but according to the British experts, this figure is actually coming directly to the 1700s.

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    Queen Elizabeth II issued an official statement on the Dukes of Sussex

    Queen of great Britain the evening of 18 January from the whole of Buckingham Palace issued a statement approving of the intentions of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to move away from the Royal family. Along with this there are a number of details that would relate to the future independent life of the Dukes of Sussex.

    The British Queen said that after many months of discussion they finally were able to find a compromise in a difficult situation. According to her, Harry and Megan will always be one of the most beloved members of the Royal family, however, they will no longer be able to use your Royal title (Your Royal Highness), and will use all military appointments and titles.

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    Died a famous member of the group “Lyapis Trubetskoy”

    In Minsk has died one of the founders of the group “Lyapis Trubetskoy” and the famous musician Ruslan Vladyko.

    This information is confirmed the producer of the band Evgeny Kolmykov. On Facebook page he simply wrote: “Ruslan Petrovich the Lord. 12.07.1974 – 19.01.2020”.

    It is known that in June 2019 musician of the group “Lyapis Trubetskoy” was the victim of a daring and brutal attacks in Belarus. The goal of the attackers was robbery, Ruslan Vladyko. However from the received traumas the actor was in the hospital and in a coma. For several months the doctors fought for the life of the Belarusian star, but he died without regaining consciousness.

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    The wife of Timur Miroshnichenko gave birth to: the first pictures of the happy parents

    The star couple was published in instagram-storis first footage from the hospital than charmed network.

    According to Timur Miroshnichenko, a son was born in the 42nd week of pregnancy. Childbirth took place in a private clinic in Kiev, which is already used by Jamal, Lily Rebrik, Natalka Karpa, Svitlana Tarabarova, Valentine Jamaica and other representatives of the Ukrainian show-business. In the hospital, the couple went at around 6 am, and at 12:57 posed on the network with a newborn son.

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    Inter failed to beat the Ukrainian team in Serie A

    Inter for the second consecutive time in Serie A played a draw — this time the team of Antonio Conte lost points in the match against Lecce (1:1).

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    McGregor beat serron in the main fight of the UFC 246

    Las Vegas (Nevada, USA) ended the tournament on the mixed single combats UFC 246 in the main event of which was found the ex-champion of UFC in two weight categories Conor McGregor and former contender for the title of Donald serron, this fight was in the Welterweight division.

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    Father Nurmagomedov called crazy condition for a rematch Habib and Connor

    Albulena Nurmagomedov, father of the champion of UFC in lightweight Habib Nurmagomedov said that the son can have a rematch with ex-champion of UFC in two weight categories with Conor McGregor. However, he stressed that Habib would ask the contract in the amount of $ 100 million.

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    Sviatoslav mykhailiuk has set a new record for points in a NBA match

    The Detroit pistons Svyatoslav Mikhailuk defeated the Atlanta hawks 136:103.

    One of the main characters of the game can be considered as Ukrainian Svyatoslav Mikhailuk, who for 29 minutes of playing time scored 25 points (4/4 two-point, three-point 5/7, 2/2 penalties), collected 2 rebounds, 3 assists, made 1 interception, put 1 block-shot with 2 losses and 3 fouls. Plus-minus of +11.

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