The results of 2018: top blogger and refractory hat Pavelko

For the FFU and its leaders 2018, the year ended with a promising three dots in the form of very interesting events.

“On Saturday, December 29, at an extraordinary meeting of National Agency for prevention of corruption (NACP) has approved the results of the full verification of the declarations for 2015, 2016 and 2017 provided by the people’s Deputy, Chairman of the budget Committee of Parliament and President of the FFU Andrew Pavelko”, – said the online edition “GORDON”.

In turn, “Commander in chief” has toldthat for FFU closely came from the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. “The General Prosecutor of Ukraine have received temporary access to original documents, with the possibility of copy in the possession of the public Union “Federation of football of Ukraine”, LLC “FFU Production” and LLC “Sport technology”, the article says. – Access to documents was held in the framework of criminal proceedings under part 5 article 191, part 2 St. 364 criminal code of Ukraine. In particular, law enforcement officers investigate the facts of possible abuse by the leadership of the football Federation of Ukraine, aimed at the theft of budget funds”.

The news at the end of the year give the opportunity to present a picture of how “successfully” worked as President of the FFU Andrew Pavelko and associates for the benefit of Ukrainian football. It is not surprising that most domestic media have included brave fighter for the development of the game in different deliverables and ratings with the sign “minus”.

So, portal awarded Andrey Vasilyevich, neither more nor less honorable title “person of the year”! “Man of the year in our football, of course, was the head of the FFU Andrew Pavelko. He continues to simultaneously manage the domestic football, the budget Committee of the Verkhovna Rada and to be a member of the ruling party BPP, although repeatedly became involved in investigative journalism, including anti-corruption”, – noted in the material Yuri Konkevich.

In turn, the website made in the rating of events in 2018, the year of the unprecedented adventures of the Champions Cup after the Kiev final of the most prestigious club competition, thereby stressing the ability Pavelko to get caught in a scandal even so, seemed to be winning for him a story called the Champions League final in Kiev.

“On may 26 at the NSC “Olympic” in Kiev was held the final of the UEFA Champions League in 2018. The real intrigue for Ukrainians was not the definition of the winning team, and in whose hands the Champions League Cup next time. UEFA officially presented the Cup of League of Champions Kiev, and they drove all over Ukraine. Traditionally photographed with him soccer fans the host country of the finals. In the Ukrainian cities with the Cup imprinted the players in local youth teams, the wounded soldiers of the ATO, fans and cheerleaders during the photo sessions… and also – father of the Church in the river, my daughter and godfather of the President of the football Federation of Ukraine Pavelko and daughter of footballer Chaus, which for some reason was hugging his legs on the back seat of the car”, – writes the edition.

The name of the main creates and perejival for Ukrainian football was in another “honor” of the company under the loud name “the Anti-2018: comic the results of the activities of the top corrupt” due to his civil wife Catherine Chaus. According to the program “Nashi Groshi” she has become the undisputed winner of “blogger of the year”. And here’s why: “it’s not the number of subscribers or comments, and content. It rich lifestyle-blog, about 21 million hryvnia, which Pavelko has not made his Declaration. Apartment for 17 thousand dollars rent per month, the jewelry in millions of hryvnias and a permanent vacation in the best hotels in the world”.

Truly not so many in the Ukraine leaders, who in such a short time constant misfires and misunderstandings personally hung the label of the cartoon character. Here and in the edition of UA football ironically remembered tipster, sending him a virtual gift with subtext.

“This is a respected man and all his mistakes, which he didn’t manage “to cover”, you can write long. Here, (yet somehow still not confirmed), money-laundering factory for the production of football fields, and pictures with the European Cup almost everyone, and corruption schemes outside of FFU. In such a situation in the new year functionary can only wish the better to cover his bases, because, as you know, the thief and the cap off. So pack in a gift box and sent to the House of football of the refractory headpiece”, – summarized in edition football edition.

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