The reason for the war: experts spoke about the dangers of the 2018 world Cup

As you approach CHempionate world Cup, which starts in Moscow on June 14, around Russia once again began to inflame armed conflicts. Intensified fighting in the Donbass, from Central Asia come the news of the concentration of the Taliban near the borders of the CIS countries… We found out whether these events hide someone’s desire to disrupt the international sports competition or to take advantage of the period of the world Cup as a factor distracting attention from the aggravations.


The head of the OSCE monitoring mission in Ukraine Alexander hug said that the situation in the Donbass deteriorated sharply.

“Last week was the worst this year, in terms of many indicators. Overall, we recorded almost 7700 violations of the cease-fire. On some days the level of violence reminded that stage of the conflict, which we already thought was long left in the past,” he said.

And indeed, after a visit to Ukraine by U.S. special envoy Kurt Volker, the Ukrainian army went on the offensive. For the past week APU is trying to seize Horlivka, which, according to Kiev, is a great springboard for an attack on Donetsk. Fighting is hot. Daily reports of wounded and dead citizens the militia.

In the night from 20 to 21 may, the Ukrainian DRG destroyed the bridge leading from Luhansk to Krasny Luch. It was the only direct road connecting the city with warehouses where the ammunition. The collapsed structure was buried under a railway track, resulting in stopped traffic between stations Shterivka and petroven’ky.

In the DNI under fire once again came in Donetsk filtration station, which feeds the city with water. Because of this, the treatment plant was again stopped, and to restart them does not work, because you need to stop the fighting. So memory really comes in hot summer 2014.

Disturbing news coming from Middle Asia. According to the US, on the border of Afghanistan with Tajikistan now gathered about 7 thousand of the Taliban. While they are training. The Russian foreign Ministry warned that the North of Afghanistan turns into a base of terrorists. The Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu on may 22 also expressed its concern over the situation in Afghanistan. After visiting Uzbekistan, he reported that insurgents can rush from there to a neighboring state. While Shoigu said that Moscow is ready to teach its allies effectively fight against international terrorists.

Some analysts claim that this concentration of hot spots around Russia on the eve of the world Cup is not accidental. How serious are these challenges and will Russia be able to resist them, “MK” has found out from the experts:

Igor Korotchenko, chief editor of the magazine “national defense”:

– The situation in Afghanistan to attribute is not necessary, because the situation there is very tense for decades. Americans absolutely are unable to stabilize the situation in the region after his victory.

As for the events in the Donbas, the escalation is directly interested in the regime of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. He could launch a full-scale military operation, using any provocation. Including Kiev can blame the DNR for the use of chemical weapons. This information stuffing can be made a lot of noise on the background of the psychosis that develops on the background of the war in Syria and “business Skripal”. Poroshenko can rely on the fact that because of the world championship Russia will take the pacifist position and would not assist the DNI that would give him the opportunity to resolve the conflict by using the lightning attack.

Alexei Mukhin, Director of the Center for political information:

– Russia has enough enemies who want to prevent her to hold the world Cup. First and foremost, these include the USA and EU countries, primarily the United Kingdom and opponents of Moscow from various Islamist groups. They understand that the world Cup is an extremely sensitive topic for the Russian leadership, so it is not surprising if they want to take a moment to strike a blow. Accordingly, various forms of provocation can be taken throughout the tournament.

However, Russian law enforcement, intelligence agencies and army are in a special mode of service. The Kremlin is seriously prepared for any provocation. Including, if necessary, Russia is prepared to make direct accusations against their customers.

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