The real estate market in Kiev: what you need to know about it at the end of 2018

Analysis of the market and real estate prices in Kiev will help to Orient those who are thinking about the purchase of square meters in the capital. Experts have concluded that most of the interest of Ukrainians to the property activate the fluctuations in the currency market.

Against the background of growth of the dollar investment in real estate is quite a promising investment.

How to understand the nuances of the real estate market in Kiev and what should I prepare next year, read the material.

Why do prices for apartments in Kiev?

According to analysts, as of the end of 2018, the rising cost of real estate in the capital is cause by several factors:

  • the height of the business season;
  • the devaluation of the hryvnia;
  • General slowdown of building in the capital (40%);
  • the increase in solvency of Ukrainians.
  • Experts note that over the past half year the number of transactions to 50 thousand dollars has increased markedly. This, in particular, contributed to the popularity of mortgage lending.

    Under forecasts of participants of the market of real estate price growth over the next several months may reach 10-15%.

    Buying an apartment in the building, experts advise to pay attention to developers, who offer prices in USD and have not had time to change them. These companies made most of the purchases, so they can afford a more flexible marketing policy.

    What trends are observed in the real estate market in Kiev in 2018

    Which area to buy?

    A major role in the pricing of the real estate market in Kiev continues to play its location.

    24 channel wrote, what were the real estate prices in new capital in November 2018.

    So, per square meter apartment in the elite Pechersk district of the capital, will have to pay, as 3 in most budget Desna.

    Average prices per square meter in new buildings in different districts of Kiev (Nov 2018):

    Desnyanskiy – 16 800 UAH;

    Darnitskiy – 18 500 UAH;

    The Dnieper – 20 000 UAH;

    Svyatoshinskiy – 20 000 UAH;

    Obolon – 21 000 UAH;

    Solomenskiy – 22 700 UAH;

    Goloseevskiy – 24 000 UAH;

    Podolsk – 26 400 UAH;

    Shevchenko – 33 700 UAH;

    Caves – 51 600 UAH.

    The average price of square meter in new buildings in Kiev in November 2018

    Compared to prices at the end of 2017 the average price per square meter in the capital rose by about 1800 hryvnia, and the minimum – 1200 hryvnia.

    But on the secondary housing market in Kiev is a slight decline.

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