The rating of the most stupid inventions 2017

Among the “inventions” of 2017, podveshana as something original, some were essentially useless, and some not so innovative, what they would like to portray. The portal made a list of the ten most striking and funny examples of this situation.


The list was announced in 2017, the projects of the “flying taxi”. According to the editorial of the site, similar idea too appear annually and are almost indistinguishable from each other, presenting a sort of helicopter. Moreover, even “ideally” like flying cars, as noted, could serve only the richest of people

Another item on the list was the project of placing of mass placement of boxes for parcels. The authors believe that this idea looks less “useless” than the other, got a rating — to send “home” to many it would be convenient — however, a variety of huge mailbox can create more problems than they solve.

Reporters also noted under construction in London “horizontal skyscraper” office building of 7 thousand employees, not too high, but reaching a length of 330 meters. It is planned to implement innovative elevators, moving sideways . According to the authors of the article, the buildings occupying as much space, only interfere in a densely populated city, and the “horizontal Elevator” would not have needed to invent, whether the construction of “ordinary” skyscraper.

One of the most deserving of derision experts have called the project of creating a taxi plying on a particular route, and carrying many passengers at a time. It served as a new approach that allows to save on the road and, given the pre-known route, know ahead of time. However, it is easy to notice that such “taxi”, in fact, not too different from buses, and significantly exceed the price of the trip.

The following mentioned similar “innovative” idea, which the authors estimate the cost of its implementation in 18 million dollars. The essence of the project is that people are invited to live in the room where part of the space is common to all, allowing you to save on utility bills. Thus, we are talking about “re-invented” a communal apartment.

The list includes “personal folding space for getting rid of stress” — in fact, the usual tent, which is proposed to decompose directly in the workplace.

The most “useless” invention, the authors of the article called a juice extractor developed by the company that manufactures fruit purees, juice from their own production. However, as it turned out, to achieve the same effect, was enough not to buy a fairly expensive device, and just squeeze the puree into your hand.

Also on the list were several other inventions, including innovative kettle, the development of which has stalled despite the collected $ 17 million vending machines, “politically incorrect” title and so on.

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