The rating of politicians that are the most lied to 2018: infographics

All 2018 presidential candidates and leaders of political parties sowed the Ukrainians promises. However, audited statements 1962 half is manipulation, lies and exaggeration.

The project VoxCheck made an analysis of the statements of the Ukrainian top politicians during the election 2018. The five “Rating manipulators and liars” became Yulia Timoshenko, Vadim Rabinovich, Oleg Lyashko, Yuri Boyko and Peter Poroshenko.

A rating of liars and manipulators 2018

Yulia Tymoshenko

In 2018, the leader of the “Fatherland” claimed that Ukraine’s state debt reached 82% of GDP. However, these data were relevant two years ago and since then, this figure has dropped to almost 60%.

Yulia Tymoshenko

Tymoshenko repeatedly commented on the topic of gas, but sometimes rather clumsily. However, she never mentioned about the high prices and the principle of “take or pay”, which Ukraine received then the purchase of gas from Russia in 2009.

I am responsible for every letter of these (gas) contracts, and I tell you that it was real freedom, it was a manifold increase in the cost of transit of Russian gas through Ukraine,
– said Tymoshenko on the Forum YES.

This is not true, because the transit tariff increased by less than half, but the price of gas increased.

Quote of the year can be considered a statement that gas prices can be reduced two times. However, such a decision will negatively affect the economy, but how negatively is not known. Interestingly, the entire 2018 Tymoshenko criticized the actions of the authorities. Starting with the work of the CEC and ending themes under the responsibility of a particular Ministry.

What you should know about Yulia Tymoshenko: watch the video

Vadim Rabinovich

In 2018 Rabinovich in his television program on “112 channel” is most often and most clearly expressed sympathy for Russia and a longing for the Soviet Union. For example, officials repeatedly stressed that the retirees of Belarus and the Russian Federation do not pay for communal. However, this turned out to be wrong.

Vadim Rabinovich

To all the people who retired, removed utilities. Did Belarus. I’m not talking about Russia, not to say that we had a fight. Although they did the same after 70 years
– said Rabinovich on NewsOne.

Official actively relied on Russian sources of information about Ukraine. For example, he cited the calculations of the head of the Moscow Union of political prisoners Larisa Shesler. For example, in Ukraine, supposedly only 24 million people.

There is a European assessment of the consumption of bread. Consumption of bread, the European organisation believes that we live in the country of 24 million people,
– the politician said.

Actually, if you count the “bread method”, the people in Ukraine are even less not 24, and 10.9 million people. Unlike other policies, is not shy of harsh statements.

I don’t know what moral freak you have to be on the eve of a catastrophic increase in gas prices and final finishing of the economy to deal with this nonsense. They eat your money
– spoken by the official of the deputies in the Parliament.

What you should know about Vadim Rabinovich: watch the video

Oleg Lyashko

In an election year Oleg Lyashko often sported their own legislative initiatives or bills of his party. A favorite theme Lyashko is the Association of Ukraine with the EU, which he mercilessly criticized. The politician has long advocated the moratorium. Radical likes to refer to the experience of Poland.

Poland has the same amount of forests as well as Ukraine. But Ukraine sells wood products at $ 2 billion annually, and Poland at $ 20 billion annually – ten times more
– said the leader of “Radical party”.

However, Poland earns his forest of $ 4.3 billion, not 20 billion dollars, and therefore these claims are false.

Oleg Lyashko

Most Lyashko lying in his speeches when he remembers about pensions, funding of Oncology, meat imports, grain exports, gas prices, immigration and poverty, and so on.

Yuriy Boyko

One of the most favorite topics of a former energy Minister Yuri Boiko is, of course, gas. However, the assertion in this thread are true only in a third of cases.

Yuriy Boyko

Petro Poroshenko

The incumbent can manipulate and lie when they get uncomfortable questions. When it comes to the texts, prepared by the press service of the President, the bugs will not find it. Similar situation with Volodymyr Groysman: it messages in social networks is verified and it is correct, but spoken language is not always the case.

Petro Poroshenko

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