The Pulitzer prize was awarded to the investigation of fraud trump

The Pulitzer prize has been awarded since 1917. In 2017 the size of the award increased from $10 thousand to $15 thousand Photo:

This year lauretani Pulitzer prize among journalists become experts in The New York Times for news about financial fraud on the part of the President of the United States Donald trump. Their investigation lasted 1.5 years.

The announcement of the winners took place yesterday in Neu-York in the School of journalism at Columbia University.

Another award was given to the newspaper The Wall Street Journal for the investigation on payment of a trump “compensation” the two women with whom he had an intimate relationship.

The Associated Press noted for their coverage of the killings and the fight against drug addiction in the Philippines.

Awards were given to prisoners in Myanmar, Reuters reporters for materials on violence against refugees-Rohingya.

The Pittsburg Post newspaper award for coverage of the terrorist attack in the synagogue of Pittsburgh, which killed 11 people. Newspaper Sun Sentinel – lighting for shooting in high school Marjory Stoneman Douglas in Parkland, which killed 17 people.

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The Pulitzer prize is one of the most prestigious awards in the United States. It was awarded for achievements in literature, journalism, music, or theater arts.

Last year the journalists of the newspaper The New York Times won the Pulitzer prize in the nomination “international reporting” for a series of materials about Russian President Vladimir Putin, his attempts to influence the policies of other countries.


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