The probability of an attack on Kievprayd-2017 higher than last year, human rights activist

High probability of an attack on Kievprayd-2017 stems from the fact that the level of aggression in society is growing, says a member of several LGBT organizations Zoryan KIS.
“March of Equality”, held in June, the LGBT community, this year will have certain characteristics, says Zoryan KIS in an interview with “24”.
Last year at pride there were two thousand people, this year the expected five. Those who did not have then, comes now, and who was already promised to bring others. In addition to the number of people and the route will be slightly longer than: the last time we walked about 700 metres, and this year we plan to go almost a kilometer. In addition, in the column, in addition to people will be the first machine with the sound — says LGBT activist.
Answering the question about possible attacks on LGBT column, KIS notes that “this year the risks are even washimi”.
“As an organizer I’m worried about the safety of their people, although I understand that the brunt will fall on the police. The reason for this is that aggression is growing in the society. And send it to us pretty easy, unfortunately. If someone will have such a desire, he can easily realize. This has already happened more than once. And not just during the moves, but while watching LGBT films: just a couple of hours to our opponents managed to organize an attack on the cinema. In addition, the consolidation of right-wing forces . “Freedom”, “Right sector” and “national building” signed product gives us the opportunity for unity, and they have enough physical resources”, — said the defender.

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