The Prime Minister made a surprise proposal to establish a base for low-cost

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Business news:Volodymyr Groysman offers to make the airport in Gostomel in the base for low-cost, including Ryanair.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman called for the development of the airport “Gostomel”, which today performs the function of base for the aircraft of Antonov airlines Antonov Airlines, and turning it into a basic airport for low-cost – including the Irish Ryanair.

As reported a press-service of the government, he said this during a special meeting on issues of development of air communication and negotiation process with low-cost-carriers on Monday.

The Prime Minister added that the attraction to Ukraine of new carriers, particularly low-cost, intensive development of domestic airports – both international and regional are being irrational.

“We stand for common rules (attracting airlines), including low-cost. We have different airports is an airport terminal . Therefore, a need for the program and new rules for attracting airlines,” – said the head of government.

He stressed that the way to attract only airlines in Ukraine’s largest international airport “Borispol” is understandable, but also capital, for example, has two of the airport “Kiev” (Zhulyany) and “Gostomel”, and to develop these harbors are also needed.

The Prime Minister also proposed to develop the project documentation development of the airport “Gostomel” determining the costs of all necessary works. “Now we have to make a decision that will allow us to solve a lot of issues, including the abolition of all monopolies in “Borispol”, attracting new airlines and lowering the cost of tickets for our passengers”, – said Vladimir Groisman.

Omeljan told when negotiations will conclude with Ryanair

Following the meeting, the participants decided to continue the policy of actively involving lowcost in Ukraine – and not one company but several, to work as a temporary solution providing conditions for low-cost airports “Borispol” or “Kiev” for a period of one year, and during this time to make the airport “Gostomel” to the airport for low-cost carriers. Also, condition for attracting low-cost should be the entry of regional carriers in the airports of Ukraine.

“Therefore, the most important task is to work out a solution for the development of regional airports”, – said Vladimir Groisman.

He reiterated the need for the rehabilitation and completion of negotiations with Ryanair and instructed the Ministry of infrastructure to inform the other airlines about the conditions of engagement of carriers in Ukraine.

As reported, on July 10, Ryanair announced the cancellation of the planned entrance to Ukraine after the airport “Borispol” has violated the agreement reached in March this year, the Ministry of Infrastructure officials of the airport and its current Director-General of Rabolini.

According to the chief commercial officer (CCO) Ryanair David O’brien (David O’brien), “Borispol” chose to protect the airlines with high fares, including “Ukraine International airlines” (UIA), will deprive the Ukrainian consumers and visitors access the lowest rates in Europe and a wide network of routes.

However, he expressed regret that the airport of Lviv became the victim of a decision “Borispol”.

Press Secretary, resigns

According to P. Ryabikina, Ryanair proposes to “Boryspil” requirements for flights to Kyiv that do not correspond to the Ukrainian legislation

Today, during the “round table” on the theme “Economics of low-cost and airports in Ukraine” P. Ryabikin said that the Ryanair decision on suspension of the planned program of flights to Ukraine is not the fact of her termination.”They suspended their program of flights, it did not mean their termination. So I would say that it is a form of continuing negotiations with the company, it is necessary to treat quietly enough. We in the worker process and all negotiations after all are not at the table, and format correspondence and further details of the agreement,” he said.

P. Ryabikin said that the problem in negotiations is the fact that before time began voiced the details of the negotiations.

Groisman looks forward to the adoption of the “Marshall plan” for Ukraine

“Let’s not repeat these mistakes. We will see Ryanair”, – he concluded.

In addition, previously the Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Volodymyr Omelyan, the TV channel “inter” said that the negotiations started Ryanair can be completed in a few weeks, and expressed hope that the company will start operating in Ukraine this year.

Earlier, on Friday, 14 July the Minister said about the readiness of the leading European airlines low-cost Ryanair to resume negotiations with Ukraine.

Meanwhile, at the moment, information on the resumption of negotiations yet.

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