The priest would absolve the woman before death, Lapa her breast

Gerold Lungs so was groped by a woman that decided not to die. Photo: Austin Police Department

In the U.S., Texas have arrested 75-year-old Catholic priest, the Herald, Langsha for sexual harassment of a woman who was dying.

It happened during the last Holy communion. The victim was hurting a complicated form of diabetes, according to

According to her, Langs anointed with Holy water and accidentally touched his chest. Then he began to stroke with both hands and ask if she feels the pleasure.

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Law enforcement officers reported that the woman was so shocked that he changed his mind to die. But, reported to the police about unacceptable behavior of the father. He says that in that moment felt dirty and disgusting piece of meat.

The priest was arrested and released on bail of $15 million (over 405 thousand UAH. – To contact the victim told him not to.
In the diocese of the local Church stated that he was removed from office and he will not serve.

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