The periodic table has decided to expand elements of the space

In the periodic system of chemical elements can contain new elements.

Scientific Director of the Russian laboratory of nuclear reactions name Flerov at the joint Institute for nuclear research (JINR) academician Yuri Hovhannisyan underlined that does not exclude the extension of the periodic table by elements of cosmic origin, writes “Popular mechanics”.

“The question is divided into two parts: whether it to form new elements, in addition to those we know if they survive — this is the second question. On the question of whether to form a new one, the answer will be rather positive, but if they survive? Where this process occurs: on other planets, in other galaxies — if they are able to fly, this is a question that requires a very detailed research.

We need to understand how it could happen the elements. These are the elements that we dig in the Earth, they are all of cosmic origin, somehow they appeared. Just those elements that we mine in the Earth, those who survived, and the Earth is very old planet. Those elements which did not live, they broke up, but this does not mean that they were not: they were formed, but just did not live up to our days.