The people of Hawaii sent out a notification about a nuclear attack

Saturday, January 13, Hawaiian received on mobile phones alert about the threat of a missile strike. Citizens demanded urgently to go to the shelter. The message was marked “this is not a drill”.

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Residents of the us state reported that the message about the threat of a missile attack was also broadcast on television in the form of scrolling text.

Information received about 21 hours Moscow time.

Local residents share screenshots of reports of missile attack. In the comments people admit that they have experienced a real shock. “Panic attack length of 40 minutes (between receipt of the first message in the form of SMS and denial – MK),” said one of the citizens.

imagine this

for 37 agonizing minutes

before it’s deemed a false alarm

in 2018#Hawaii pic.twitter.com/qx10DC3tXp

— Tim Kempf (@Timbo_16_Slice) 13 Jan 2018

40 minutes of a panic attack #Hawaii pic.twitter.com/KjfYYPDvg7

— Cesaritoocx (@_CesarNotes_) 13 Jan 2018

In local mass-media also there was information marked “urgent”. Thus, the publication Hawaii 24/7 results in the message: “Hawaii declared a warning about the threat of a missile attack. Immediately go to the shelter. This is not a drill”.

After 18 minutes the publication posted on its website an update to information: “It was a false alarm. There is no threat. The warning was issued by mistake.”

After 12 minutes there was a posted message from the civil defence force of the region: “Please ignore the message about the nuclear attack. Currently, there is no threat of missile attack. We repeat, there is no threat at the present time”.

In early January, the President of the United States Donald trump joined in the next round of extramural skirmishes with North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN on the threat of use of nuclear weapons. In his new year address, the head of the DPRK stated that he had on the table is the “red button” launch Intercontinental missiles. Trump answered that he was so too, and better.

“She’s much more stronger than him, and my button works,” said trump.

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