The Pentagon is stealing astronomically

The Pentagon is stealing as much as did not dream our Mobalise than the Ministry of Defense, steal only the banksters from the fed that can print as many dollars as they need. No wonder, because the military budget of the States 600 billion us dollars – more than twenty countries that follow them!…


Golden bowls of American generals

Author – Michael Anufrienko

The necessary introduction. Golden bowls is not a fantasy but a euphemism. At the time for upgrading the latrines in the B-52 spent so much money that toilets of gold would cost less.

Golden loaf Yanukovich – sophomoric rogue against the backdrop of the American generals and the military industrial complex the most advanced nation in the world. The General staff of Russia horrified by the understanding that “we ain’t gonna live never.”

Just to dot the “E” and stop crying Yaroslavna on flying by cash squadrons “gold long loafs”, the statistics of Transparency International, a faith which is absolute and infallible:



USA on the 18-th place with an index of perception of corruption 74, and the “unwashed Russia” as much as 131-m with 29 points . Don’t even want to say who it is shameful place divides, so bad we are all corruption. And here in the US is just all right. That is confirmed from the most authoritative Institute in the world dealing with public opinion polls:

CNN correspondent drew Griffith told that 78 senators in the number of family members included officially registered lobbyists:

“These lobbyists, there are hundreds, and according to tracking the activities of the Congress organization Legistorm, the total amount of their lobbying contracts is $ 2 billion. Russians are familiar with simple bribes — envelopes, etc. We in the United States specializiruetsya on the “soft bribes” – you care about the relatives of the legislator, and the legislator cares about you“.

Now understand how we are all bad? The Yankees even write about it. But the specific examples should aspire to all the underdeveloped regional gas station.

The American gas station. Built at least in Afghanistan. The head of the General inspection of the American management of the Afghanistan reconstruction has reported that 43 million was spent between 2011 and 2014 for the construction and maintenance of filling stations – according to the official financial documents. Original price –500 thousand!

But this small gesheft a captain. Colonels earn more money. Famous USAID in the same Afghanistan have mastered the billions. In 2006, commenced funding in the amount of 1.4 billion U.S. money for a period of 5 years. In 2010, speckesser stated that most of the money stolen, and part invested in projects that Afghanistan can not be operated.

But there are also the generals in the Pentagon, which also wants to eat caviar spoons and, because of their age, have children and grandchildren to feed. Well, the senators already mentioned above. For them too there are projects, which are not measured in billions pathetic lobbyists.



This is also simple. In the spring of this year, Amnesty International has published evidence that the U.S. is somehow lost in Iraq of weapons in a billion dollar-plus. The money to build an aircraft carrier!

However, to blame, oshibochka out. Anymore. Built ten nuclear powered aircraft carriers type “Nimitz” by opt has cost only 4.5 to 6.2 billion apiece. Truth is not taken into account the cost of repairs, accidents and other improper conduct for which the dollars literally flow down the toilet. All 423 toilets. That is how much they have the latest in a series of aircraft carrier named Bush. History is silent, how much was the conversion of a battalion of latrines in the vacuum toilets, but the money has washed away permanently – regularly 5680 crew members and wing downwind run for the deck.

But even though it is smelly, but all the same story. Much more interesting the next series of aircraft carriers Gerald R. Ford, founded in the year 2005 (the first one cut off a piece of the future of the housing) as the modernized “Nimitz”. Fords were supposed to be cheaper to operate due to increased automation and smaller crew. But this mythical savings has led to the opposite result.

This year (after 12 years!) introduced into the fleet, but it spent $ 12.8 billion. should we add another 4.7 billion of expenditure on R & d and a couple of billion to bring a new “Ford” to mind – not all spermogonium the ship works as it should, but something does not work in principle. Again, something from space toilets to solve, so the crew is not left in a vacuum. It is believed that fully operated Ford will begin only in 2020. That’s it! 12 to 15 years of work and almost $ 20 billion!!



Compare the price of “Bush” in 6.2 billion. Even without R & d and future costs the new Ford is more than two times more expensive!

And now the Pentagon is “scratching your head” and think about how not limited to one carrier in the series. Not from a great desire to fight corruption, just really understand that “Bolivar cannot carry double”. Not to mention the ten required. And we needed in all senses.

Research Watson Institute for International Studies, Brown University by 2013 the US spent on the war in Iraq and Afghanistan more than 4 trillion dollars. Soon will be the calculated cost of the ongoing war and the associated costs – payment of old obligations, costs for disabled people and other things, spending new defense budget that will be signed by the Donald trump.

And unwittingly brings the pathetic state of corruption in Russia. Which is behind the US in this hopeless race forced is handsome carrier to take on the cheap and primitive weapons hypersonic missile “Zircon”, capable of a few seconds to put on the bottom 20 billion dollars of American taxpayers. And 5 thousand taxpayers.

That’s the reason for the extremely negative attitude advanced against corruption powers to the underdeveloped in this sense Russia.



Neopresse: the US Army is superior to the Russian, but only in corruption

Author – NEOPresse

Despite the common clichés about the dominance of corruption in Russia, in the USA this phenomenon has an incomparably large scale, writes Neopresse. If Russia bribery is mainly “grassroots” nature, the US corruption permeates the higher echelons of power. Money-budgetary funds and bribes in the US army have led to the fact that, according to American military experts, Moscow has gone from Washington far ahead of many war industries, emphasizes the publication.

As the author writes material Neopresse Einar Sleet, not so long ago the famous American publicist William Engdahl has published an article: do we Really want a new world war with Russia? In it he showed that Russia is giving out to the army the tenth part of the funds compared to the United States, in terms of military capability “at least equal to the States.”

While Engdahl quotes a senior us military, who claims that “Russia’s ability to neutralize American weapons are so shocking” that he almost cries. The reasons why America lags far behind Russia, called, surprisingly, corruption, the author notes Neopresse.

According to some estimates, the U.S. is less corrupt country than Russia. But in reality, Washington is simply more cleverly hide the corruptionthan Russia. “The fundamental difference is that in the US corruption is more concentrated at the top, and in Russia – below”, says Cleret. According to the author, the U.S. is 34th in the world in the laundering of budgetary funds and “illegal payments and bribes” the 42nd.



However, with regard to corruption in the army, she has gigantic scale, beyondin this respect Russia. As written in the 2014 American press, “after decades, the army still could not report their costs”. Despite the long-standing demand, the US army still do not control or limit the embezzlement of budget funds, observers say the Ministry of defense. Also, according to them, the leadership of the army, air force and Navy do not comply with the deadlines set by the Minister of defence. “In other words, the US army turned into a black hole, which disappear billions of taxpayer dollars”, says the author Neopresse.

The US government allocates almost all of the budget money to a third party private companies. A huge amount of funds is allocated to Lockheed Martin, which, in turn, is under the control of State Street Corporation, which is considered the”fifth largest global player”. “The head of State Street Corporation periodically holds meetings with the President of the United States to discuss issues such as to be or not to be another war”, writes Claret.

The Russian system of military spending are diametrically opposed to American. While in the US everything is privatized military industry of Russia belongs to the state and all profits from the trading of weapons is the Russian government. As in the US, in Russia there is no financial reporting of military expenditures, however, unlike America, there are annual reports, check the defense Minister and the President. But, despite all this, the American public still believes that their Ministry of defence and bodies such as the CIA and the FBI, serve to protect the American people, not the American Empire and its “aristocracy”, concludes the author of the material Neopresse.



Corruption in the US army. How much they steal brave American generals


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