The Patriarch supported the eviction from the house on the island, cancer patient

A resident of Balaam, addressed a letter to Patriarch Kirill: she complained of forced eviction by bailiffs from the flat on the island.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

According to “Novaya Gazeta”, the barbarian girl with her sick son sarcoma monastery evicted from the island in Sortavala. “I went to see the apartment in a Plywood deadlock, — says the woman — and discovered that it was all moldy. Of course, we refused to move. And courts have begun…”

“Is the purchase of apartments for resettlement of inhabitants of our house, on the outskirts of Sortavala on the territory abandoned in the early 1990s, slaughterhouse, winter 2014-2015 Sortavala construction company “PMK 117″ without drying was hastily reconstructed and panelled cheerful colors of one of the old manufacturing buildings,” — says a resident of Balaam, written now, along with his son in the Winter hotel on the island and since 2000 collaborating with the monastery.

Sergeyev particularly bothered by the fact that the monastery is evicting her on the court, despite requests to postpone the move due to the illness of the son or to give more room to important to her island. Also, the woman indicates, she was of the priestly tribe, in particular, in 1937 he was repressed by her great-grandfather, deacon Paul of Orleans.

All these circumstances Sergeyev outlined in a letter to the Patriarch, adding that, “as Christians, my son can’t commit suicide to move into a threat for living room <…>. The situation is deadlocked, and solve it only You can”.

However, the press Secretary of the Patriarch, the priest of Alexander Volkov, said that the answer she will get, and for ROC “the challenge was to remain on the island only the monastery, and taking all the necessary efforts.”

In the end, on 14 July in the house Sergeeva, who suffered a hypertensive crisis, forced the eviction of the family came to the bailiffs.

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