The participant of Eurovision-2017: what we know about Julia Samoylova

Yulia Samoilova became a contestant in the Eurovision song contest from Russia, what really surprised the fans of the contest.
Julia was born in 1989 in the Republic of Komi the city of Ukhta. Ever since childhood, she enjoys singing, but health problems have made themselves felt in 13 years, the doctors gave Yulia a diagnosis of “Spinal amyotrophy of werdnig-Hoffmann”. Therefore, from childhood the girl is wheelchair-bound and has a group I disability of hereditary disease. Because of his illness, the girl attended school only from the first to the fifth grade.
As a teenager, she started her career with regional competition “Silver hoof – 2002”, where she won the city of INTA. In 2003 he received second place in that competition. In addition, she has played in such festivals as “On the wings of dreams” in Moscow and in the competition “Spring thaw” in 2005, where he received the first prize and the audience award in the city of Moore.

Samoilov received second place in the national contest “SCHLAGER – 2005” in Ekaterinburg, and in 2006 won first place in the International contest-festival “wind rose” in Egypt, Hurghada.
A girl with her boyfriend Alexey Taran had earlier opened a firm for the production of advertising. But the pair soon decided that Yulia still need to slowly conquer the musical Olympus.

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Julia Samoylova is often dabbled in different areas of music. Including heavy alternative, where in 2008 he founded the band “TerraNova”. The group lasted until 2010, and recorded 6 songs. Outside of the Komi Republic, the group is known did not.
In 2012 became the participant of competitions “the New Ukhta”, where he received the “Grand Prix”, but the most popular in Russia, the singer received after the second time I went to the contest “factor a”. There she became a finalist on the third season of the project Alla Pugacheva “factor a” in 2013 on the channel “Russia 1”. Alla Pugacheva said Yulia Samoylova award “Golden Star of Alla”. This award is a sign of personal recognition Diva Julia on the Russian stage.

In 2014, the singer became the winner of the “national V prize named after Elena Mukhina” in the nomination “Invictus Memo”. And in 2014, Julia had the honour to take part in the opening ceremony of the Winter Paralympic games 2014 in Russia.
Also, according to the security Service of Ukraine she participated in the Gala concert of the festival “the World of sport and the good.” The concert took place at that time already annexed Crimea, in Kerch, in General that puts into question its stay and participate in the contest in Ukraine.

Her song reporter is a few tracks – “light” (lyrics: Julia Samoylova, music: Yulia Samoilova), “a New Day” (Words: Konstantin Arseny, Music: Alexander Yakovlev). Julia also has a common song with Gosha Kutsenko.
In 2016, the year of the girl in social networks have turned to their fans for help for expensive surgery it was necessary to collect 50 thousand euros. On the examination in a Helsinki girl said need surgery. Otherwise, a few years will begin complications on the lungs and heart. As a result, the money collected for almost two weeks. In October last year, Julia had a successful operation and thanks to the surgery, the singer was 11 cm higher.
Julia Samoylova became the winner of internal competition, which held its First channel. The results of the contest Yulia became Russia’s representative at the song contest “Eurovision-2017” in Kiev with the song “the Flame Is Burning”. The singer will perform at the contest in the second semi-final on may 11.

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